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easy way to reset iphone for all series and models

To solve various small problems that like to disturb the iPhone, you can actually do a reset on your iPhone. Well, ApkVenue will discuss how to reset your iPhone.

Who likes to be annoyed because their iPhone is often hang and sluggish? Or is there no here, those who have an iPhone continue to like the application forced closed alone? Well, actually there is an easy way that you can do to overcome minor annoyances on your iPhone.

Well, the way you can do if there is a small problem that interferes with your iPhone is to do the following: restart or reset. But there are two types of restarts, you know guys. Do you know the difference? and do you know the correct way to reset iPhone? Here's Jaka's discussion on how to reset iPhone for all types.

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How to Reset iPhone: Soft Reset and Hard Reset

There is a basic difference between a soft reset and a hard reset on an iPhone that you need to know so you don't go wrong in doing a reset. Here's the discussion.

Difference between Soft Reset and Hard Reset

Soft ResetHard Reset
Not deleting data on iPhoneErase iPhone data completely and data can't be restored
The method for each iPhone model is differentThe method is the same for every iPhone model
Usually used when the iPhone hangs or is slowbecause it deletes all data, usually a hard reset is used when you want to sell an iPhone
Another name is factory reset

Here's how to restart iPhone automatically Soft Reset

For iPhone 4 - iPhone 6s

1.Press button Home and Power on iPhone at the same time. While pressing both buttons, hold down or hold for less than a few seconds until your iPhone screen turns off or goes black.

2. Release your hands from the two buttons when the screen is off.

3.After a while, the Apple logo will appear on the iPhone screen. Your iPhone will auto boot reset because of the restart process. When the restart process is complete, please use your iPhone as usual again.

For iPhone 7 Series

1.Press and hold or hold knob power which is on the right side of the phone.

2.Then press and hold the button volume down, without releasing the button power.

3. Hold and keep clicking the two buttons until the Apple logo appears and the restart process occurs.

For iPhone 8 series - iPhone X

1.Click and then release the button volume up which is on the left side of the phone.

2. After that, just click and release the button again volume down.

3. Next press the button power which is on the right.

4. Now you just have to wait for the phone screen to display the Apple logo and wait for the reset process to complete.

How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset iPhone All Models

1. Go to menu Settings

2.Select General

3.Scroll down until you find the menu Reset

4.Select Reset All Settings

Make sure you have backed up all the data on your iPhone either via iCloud or other additional applications. If you don't back up, all your data will be lost.

That's Jaka's discussion about how to reset iPhone for all models, both reset in mode soft reset nor hard reset. Hopefully this article can help you to overcome minor problems that you often feel on your iPhone. Please share and comment on this article to continue to get information, tips & tricks and news about technology from

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