12 free internet apps for all operators

Old date makes you unable to buy quota? Calm down, Jaka has a solution! You can try downloading the following free internet applications, gang! (2020 Updates)

For those of you who still rely on pocket money, maybe the end of the month can make you miserable, right? because quota is running low and make you unable to surf the internet.

Actually there are many ways so that you can access the internet for free only armed with an Android cellphone, you know.

Armed with a collection of the best free internet applications for Android that Jaka summarized this time, you can enjoy a free package and unlimited as much.

But remember, to use the applications below the process is not easy and requires special handling, here!

Collection of the Best Free Internet Applications for Android, Can Without config & Root!

Generally app for free internet below is not available on Google Play Store for various reasons. Starting from harming some parties to allegedly being infiltrated by malware.

That's why Jaka has told you from the start that the risks from using the application below are your personal responsibility, gang.

But if you are still curious? Just take a look at the recommendations for the following free internet quota applications. Listen carefully!

1.Troid VPN Free

Photo source: play.google.com (Free internet APKs are generally not available on Google Play due to security issues.)

First, there is Troid VPN Free which is one of the most popular free internet applications and it's not difficult to use it so you can connect to the internet network.

For tutorials on how to use Troid VPN Free, you can find and learn easily with browsing on the Google Search page.

Well, one of the advantages of using a Troid VPN besides free internet is that you can open sites that are blocked by the government, you know.

DetailsTroid VPN Free
DeveloperTunnel Guru
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0.3 and above

Download Troid VPN Free here:

Apps Networking TunnelGuru DOWNLOAD

2. Psiphon Pro (Anonytun Alternative Free Internet App)

Photo source: play.google.com

Furthermore, there is a free internet application like Anonytun which has no less performance tokcer, that is Psiphon Pro which is also relatively easy to use.

Psiphon Pro does not require a lot of materials and only requires a little configuration. Oh yes, to use Psiphon Pro, make sure your internet quota is not really 0MB, gang.

At least you need minimum internet quota of 20MB which serves as an inducement so that a free internet connection can be used.

DetailsPsiphon Pro
DeveloperPsiphon Inc.
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0 and above

Download Psiphon Pro here:

Apps Networking Psiphon Inc. DOWNLOAD

3. XP Psiphon

photo source: apkpure.com

Besides Psiphon Pro, there are also apps XP Psiphon which ApkVenue has used itself with very easy usage procedures and does not require SSH materials.

When setting config XP Psiphon, you just need to prepare bugs according to card provider used and original proxyonly.

Although it doesn't guarantee that it can increase internet speed on Android, XP Psiphon can be said to be stable and quite fast.

DetailsXP Psiphon
DeveloperZyberph Developers
Minimal OSAndroid 2.3 and above

Download XP Psiphon here:

Networking Apps DOWNLOAD

More Free Internet Apps...

4. HTTP Injectors

Photo source: play.google.com

If you are looking for a free internet application without config complicated, it seems HTTP Injector not the right choice for beginners, gang.

HTTP Injector does have a high success rate in accessing the free internet for free, but you have to do config the tricky one first.

To make config in HTTP Injector, you need bugs according to card provider, SSH, squid proxy, or original proxy according to the card.

DetailsHTTP Injector
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up

Download HTTP Injector here:

Apps Utilities Evozi DOWNLOAD

5. OpenVPN Connect

Photo source: play.google.com

Next there is OpenVPN Connect As far as Jaka's experience, using this free internet application, the performance tends to be better than the previous HTTP Injector.

The reason is, OpenVPN Connect is able to provide free internet access with speed more satisfying, gang.

How to make config OpenVPN Connect is also fairly similar to previous applications. What distinguishes and makes it quite difficult is because the type of SSH it uses is different.

DetailsOpen VPN Connect
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up

Download OpenVPN Connect here:

OpenVPN Networking Apps DOWNLOAD

6. KPN Tunnel

Photo source: play.google.com (KPN Tunnel alongside AnonyTun and Psiphon is one of the recommended free quota APKs.)

Application KPN Tunnel according to Jaka a little difficult for beginners to understand. However, KPN Tunnel is perfect for you to learn.

Because you will learn a lot about how to make config itself to connect with a fast internet speed. It's sure to make you satisfied!

So don't be surprised, if KPN Tunnel is also said to be the best free internet application for Telkomsel, Indosat, AXIS, and XL with pretty good internet connection results.

DetailsKPN Tunnel
DeveloperKPN Software Developers
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0 and above

Download KPN Tunnel here:

Apps Utilities KPN Software Developers DOWNLOAD

7. OpenVPN for Android (Free Quota Application Mandatory Install)

Photo source: play.google.com

As an alternative to OpenVPN Connect, a free quota app called OpenVPN for Android this is not much different in terms of setting issues or config-his.

This application is also quite popular and you should learn if you want to enjoy a free internet connection.

With more or less the same ingredients, the internet speed that you get using OpenVPN for Android is also quite satisfying.

DetailsOpenVPN for Android
DeveloperArne Schwabe
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0 and above

Download OpenVPN for Android here:

Networking Apps DOWNLOAD

8. eProxy

Photo source: play.google.com

eProxy similar to KPN Tunnel, which is difficult to learn but if you succeed it will produce better internet speeds than others.

You can try this free Tri internet application by using the Tri internet quota with a minimum quota of 20MB as an inducement. The quota price is also quite cheap, really!

After you activate, your internet package will change to unlimited so you can use it freely. Starting from watching and download YouTube to other purposes.

DeveloperePro Dev. Team
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0 and above

Download eProxy here:

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD

9. Ultrasurf

Photo source: play.google.com

After being famous as a free internet application on PCs and laptops, now Ultrasurf You can also find the Android version which is no less cool.

This application for free internet made by Ultrareach you can use easily, it even has automatic settings.

When you first activate, you can choose various settings such as auto proxy, proxy manual, or direct connect.

Minimal OSAndroid 4.0.3 and above

Download Ultrasurf here:


10. HideMe Free VPN Proxy

Photo source: apkpure.com (You can download the free internet application APK via the link that Jaka has provided, gang.)

Instead of spending a lot of money to buy internet quota unlimited which sometimes speedit's annoying, you'd better use the app HideMe Free VPN Proxy.

The way HideMe Free VPN Proxy works is quite easy and has a fairly fast internet access speed and is relatively stable.

For more qualified quality, there is also a HideMe Pro version that you can have at a low price.

DetailsHideMe Free VPN Proxy
DeveloperTigervpns Ltd
Minimal OSAndroid 6.0 and above

Download HideMe Free VPN Proxy here:

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD

11. AnonyTun (The Most Used Free Package Application)

Photo source: play.google.com

When it comes to the most widely used free package application today, of course the name is AnonyTun not to be missed from this list, gang.

Using AnonyTun is also quite easy, because you don't need to create an SSH account when using it.

Even in some cases, AnonyTun can simultaneously speed up internet speeds above the average you usually use.

For example, you usually get a speed of only 500kbps, but when you use AnonyTun can increase up to 2Mbps, you know.

DeveloperArt Of Tunnel
Minimal OSAndroid 4.1 and up

Download AnonyTun here:

Apps Utilities Art Of Tunnel DOWNLOAD

12. Tiger VPN

Photo source: play.google.com

Finally, if you need a free internet application without root which does not make the phone warranty void, you can use an application called Tiger VPN.

Compared to other applications, Tiger VPN provides an interface (user interface) which is relatively simple and easy for beginners to understand.

In using it, you just install the application and set the configuration according to the card provider which you are using, yes.

DeveloperTiger At Work
Minimal OSAndroid 4.0.3 and above

Download Tiger VPN here:

Tigervpns Ltd Networking Apps DOWNLOAD


Well, that's a collection of the best and most popular free internet applications for Android that you can try.

Especially for beginners, it never hurts to use the HTTP Injector application because there are many tutorials that you can follow on the internet or YouTube.

So which application do you recommend? Or do you have other applications besides the above? Come on, don't hesitate to write your opinion in the comments column below.

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