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watch the perfect husband (2018) full movie

Curious to watch The Perfect Husband movie? You can watch it for free here, you know! (Full Movie)

Having many fans, romance drama films have been adorning cinema screens in Indonesia to this day.

One of them is movie The Perfect Husband which offers a matchmaking story a la Siti Nurbaya but with a fresher and more contemporary look.

Moreover, this film also stars a row of top Indonesian stars who are good and often play in genre films romance.

Well, for those of you who are curious to watch this Indonesian film, it's better to first see the synopsis of the film The Perfect Husband below.

Synopsis of The Perfect Husband

Produced in 2018, the film The Perfect husband tells the story of life Ayla (Amanda Rawles), a beautiful 3rd grade high school girl who is enjoying the beauty of her youth.

Ayla's life is perfect for a teenager her age. She has a beautiful face, is loved by many, and has a dream boyfriend of a rock band vocalist named Ando (Maxime Bouttier).

However, Ayla's beautiful life had to be disrupted due to the appearance of a man named Arsenic (Dimas Anggara) who claimed to be her future husband.

Arsen is an accomplished, well-established, and handsome young pilot who was chosen by Ayla's father (Slamet Rahardjo) to be matched.

Disagreeing with what her father did, Ayla was looking for a way to cancel the matchmaking.

Unexpectedly, Arsen's stance was apparently not easily shaken. He remained patient with Ayla's behavior.

Without Ayla knowing, it turns out that all of Arsen's sweet treatment is not only because he wants to follow his parents' wishes but also because he is already in love with Ayla.

Then, how is the continuation of the love triangle between them? Did Arsen manage to win Ayla's heart from Ando?

Interesting Facts about The Perfect Husband

Not only does it offer a love story for the players, the film The Perfect Husband is also decorated with comedy spices that make the story even more interesting to watch.

Well, here are some interesting facts behind the production of the film The Perfect Husband that many people rarely know.

  • The Perfect Husband is one of the many films whose story is adapted from a novel best seller.

  • In order to deepen his role as a pilot, Dimas Anggara is willing to learn from his friend who is a pilot.

  • Having to use super thick make up is a challenge for Maxime in playing the character Ando.

  • Amanda admitted that at first she found it difficult to play the character of Ayla who was very tomboy.

  • The Perfect Husband movie becomes third movie which brought Amanda and Maxime together.

Nonton Film The Perfect Husband

InformationThe Perfect Husband
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)7.1 (35)
Duration1 hour 48 minutes


Release Date12 April 2018
DirectorRudi Aryanto
PlayerAmanda Rawles

Maxime Bouttier

Well, for those of you who are curious about the full story of this film, you can watch The Perfect Husband movie below, gang. Check it out!

>>>Watch The Perfect Husband Movie<<<

That was the synopsis and some interesting facts about the romantic drama film entitled The Perfect Husband, gang.

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