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how to try bbm video call for android in indonesia

BBM Video Call for Android is finally available in beta in Canada and the United States. But there's a way to make it work in Indonesia below..

As an app chat, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is one application chat which is quite complete. From the functions of sending text messages, voice messages, phone calls, chat stickers, even micro blogging on BBM Channel.

With a fairly complete service, BBM is not necessarily complacent. BlackBerry is still continuing to update to improve and bring new features in BBM, one of which is service Video Call on BBM. Well, I want to tell you how to try Video Calling on BBM.

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BBM Video Call For Android

Previously, BBM Video Call service was available for BlackBerry 10 devices. Not wanting to be left behind by LINE and Skype, BBM started rolling out the BBM Video Call service for Android users. However, currently the BBM Video Call service can only be used on Canada and United States of America just. But Jaka has a way to try BBM Video Call in Indonesia.

How to Try BBM Video Calls in Indonesia

Nothing is perfect in technology. Restricted however there is always a way to penetrate it. Including this BBM Video Call. So, how do you try BBM Video Call in Indonesia? It's really easy.

  • Previously you have to download the application BBM Beta with Video Call and VPN Master so you can try BBM Video Call on Android. Download both applications link following.
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  • Once downloaded, install as usual. If the BBM application is already installed, you can directly overwrite it with the previous BBM Beta.

  • Force Stop BBM application via the Settings - Application menu. This is the goal so that the fuel does not run until the next stage is carried out.

  • Open the VPN Master application, then allow it to connect to the server default (Singapore). Once connected, please change the server to Canada or the United States.

  • Once connected to a Canadian or United States server, add BBM to the list of applications in VPN Master.

  • Open BBM from VPN Master so that the detected IP is from Canada or the United States. This only takes the first step, then you can open it directly from anywhere as long as VPN Master is active.

  • Finished. Then you can immediately try BBM Video Call.

Please note, BBM Video Calls can only be made if both use the same version of BBM. And if you are not connected to a VPN service, you can only use the BBM Voice Call service.

How easy is it to use BBM Video Call for Android? Let's try!

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