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download the latest & most popular korean songs 2020

Want to download the latest and most popular Korean songs 2020? ️ Here's a complete list of the latest and most popular Korean songs from Korean music groups or drama OSTs.

Downloading the latest Korean songs 2020 to accompany your daily activities is definitely very exciting, huh. Especially if you are a true K-Popers, updating the latest K-Pop songs must have become a must.

Well, in 2020 there are so many boy band, girl group, and the soloist who comeback and some of them even fill in soundtrack latest korean drama. Automatically, the latest Korean songs will also be added, gang.

That's why there are so many ranks the latest and most popular Korean songs which is a shame if you just miss it.

You can see the list below or just go ahead download most popular korean song Jaka will describe the steps in full below. Let's see more!

List of Latest & Most Popular Korean Charts October 2020

One of chart korean music, Melon it can be your reference to find out the list of the best charts that are being promoted in their home country.

This chart summarizes the best-played songs in South Korea.

Here, Jaka has summarized 50 of the newest and best Korean song rankings for the Melon Top 50 version in October 2020. If you want to hear it, just click on the title and the singer, gang.

OrderKorean Charts - Melon Top 50 (October 2020)
1Don't Touch Me - Refund Sister
2Dynamite - BTS
3Lovesick Girls - BLACKPINK
4Slightly Tipsy - Sandeul
5When We Disco - J.Y. Park ft. SUNMI
6Old Song - Standing Egg
7Savage Love - (Laxed - Siren Beat) BTS Remix
8NUNU NANA - Jessi
9Love Should Not be Harsh On You - IM CHANG JUNG
10The Moment My Heart - KYUHYUN
11Let Me Go - Crush ft. Taeyeon
12Maria - Hwa Sa
13How You Like That - BLACKPINK
14Eight - IU ft. SUGA
15Dolphin - OH MY GIRL
16Beach Again -SSAK3
18Downtown Baby - BLOO
20I Need You - OVAN
21Dance Monkey - Tones And I
22Late Night - Noel
23Blueming - IU
24How can I Love the Heartbreak, You're the One I Love - AKMU
25Dingga - MAMAMOO
27Boy With Luv - BTS ft, Halsey
28Love is - Jeon Sang Keun
29Nonstop - OH MY GIRL
30Your Shampoo Scent in the Flowers - Jang Beom June
31I Still Love You A Lot - Baek Ji Young
32Every Day, Every Moment - Paul Kim
33I Knew I Love - JEON MI DO
34To you My Light - MAKTUB ft. Lee Raon
36Ice Cream - BLACKPINK ft. Selena Gomez
37Summer Hate - ZICO ft. Rain
38Why Break Up? - Sin Ye Young
39Not Shy - ITZY
40Can't Sleep - Loco ft. HEIZE
42Give You My Heart - IU
43BLOOM - M.C the Max
44Spring Day - BTS
45Tip Toe - Crush ft. LEE HI
46So Long - Paul Kim
47Pporappippam - SUNMI
48Any Song - ZICO
49ON - BTS
50Fall in Fall - VIBE

Sad and Touching Korean Song

Not only songs with beat which is fun to use for dancing, there are also many sad and touching Korean songs to support your mood that is upset.

Well, for those of you who might be tired of listening to western sad songs and want alternatives from different parts of the country, you can download the following Korean sad songs.

1. Through the Night - IU

2. My Love - LEE HI


4. Go Away Go Away - Chanyeol ft. Punch

5. Hard To Say Goodbye - Bae Jin Young

6. Me After You - Paul Kiim



9. Find You - Monsta X

10. Between Seasons - Kim Yeon Ji

Playlists Latest Korean Songs 2020 - Hot Trends!

It's not just BLACKPINK or BTS that are popular this year, there are also latest korean songs nice to hear from some boy band, girl group, or soloists just debuting.

With their popularity, these songs have even become trending among K-popers from South Korea and all over the world.

Curious what the latest KPOP songs are currently trending? The following is a complete list of the latest 2020 MP3 Korean song downloads.

1. Dynamite - BTS

2. In Full Bloom - Kim Ho Joong

3. NUNU NANA - Jessi

4. Dolphin - OH MY GIRL

5. How You Like That - BLACKPINK

6. Pretty Savage - BLACKPINK

7. Make A Wish (Birthday Song) - NCT U

8. Maria - Hwa Sa

9. Slightly Tipsy - Sandeul

10. Aloha - CHO JUNG SEOK

11. Beach Again - SSAK3

12. Blueming - IU

13. I Need You - OVAN

14. Not Shy - ITZY

15. Summer Hate - ZICO ft. Rain

Playlists The Most Popular Korean Songs of 2020

Well, at the beginning of 2020 there are many boy band nor girl group who released most popular korean song which may be familiar songs for K-popers.

For example song comebackgirl group formed by the talent search event IZ * ONE and also the latest Korean song from _boyband_ Super Junior which recently released its newest album.

For those who want to listen to the most popular Korean songs that are pleasant to hear, you can check it right away playlists which Jaka has made especially for you.

1. Everybody Has - CHUNG MA

2. HIP - Mamamoo

3. Crossroads - GFRIEND

4.Touhin - Kang Daniel

5. Give You My Heart - IU

6. Let Us Go - Crush

7. Boy with Luv (feat,Hasley) - BTS, Hasley

8. No Love, No Heartbreak Baek ji Young

9. Flower - Yoon Mirae

10. Me After you - Paul Kim


12. Sunset - DAVICHI

13. One&Only - ASTRO

14. ICY - ITZY

15. Don't Know What To Do - BLACKPINK

Playlists Most Popular Korean Drama OST Songs 2020

As a K-poper, are you also following updates the latest Korean drama in 2020, gang?

If so, maybe you are also interested in hearing it at once download The newest and most popular Korean songs that became the OST of popular dramas ranging from the drama Hotel Del Luna, Goblin, SKY Castle, and others.

Curious about which songs are included in the most popular drama OST songs? Here's the complete Korean OST song download playlist.

1. Go Away Go Away - CHANYEOL, Punch (Dr. Romantic OST)

2. My Love - BAEKHYUN (Dr. Romantic OST)

3. Still Fighting It - Lee Chan Sol (ITAEWON CLASS OST)

4. Flower - Yoon Mirae (Crash Landing on You OST)

5. Thinking of You - Hong Dae Kwang (Love with Flaws OST)

6. Lonely Night - Kwon Jin Ah (HOSPITAL PLAYLIST OST)

7. Embrace - sonwoojunga (Nobody Knows OST)

8. Touch - Kim Young Geun (Hi Bye Mama OST)

9. Like a winter's dream - Kwak JinEon (When the Weather Is Fine OST)

10. I AM You - Jung Seung Hwan (HYENA OST)

11. Be Colored - Kim Yuna (Tell Me What You Saw OST)

12. Take Me Now - LUNA (Forest OST)

13. Higher - HAJIN (The Game : Towards Zero OST)

14. On Your Heart - Hickee (The Game: Towards Zero OST)

15. Make Up Ur Mind - Shin Youna (Touch OST)

Playlists Most Popular Korean Song Videos (Updates 2020)

Not infrequently, the latest Korean songs released are also accompanied by MV aliases music videos which aired on channel YouTube of each musician or agency, gang.

Videos made by Korean musicians also often take very interesting concepts so as not to bore the audience.

For more, you can watch Most popular Korean song videos in 2020 below yes!

1. Any Song - Zico


3. Psyho - Red Velvet

4. Blueming - IU

5. Late Night - Noel

6. Black Swan - BTS

7. HIP - Mamamoo

8. Boy with Luv - BTS

9. Me After You - Paul Kim

10. My Love - BAEKHYUN

Collection of Ways Download Latest Korean Songs 2020

After you see the list of Korean songs above, of course some of you will want to download it. Especially for those of you who have a limited quota for streaming music.

So, this time Jaka will also explain how method download latest korean song which you can do even directly through your Android phone, gang.

1. How to Download Songs via Spotify

First, Jaka will review method download songs via Spotify which is currently one of the most popular music player applications. What are the steps?

  • Step 1: If you don't have the app yet Spotify, you can directly download and install it via the link that ApkVenue provides below, gang.

Download Spotify via Google Play

  • Step 2: Open the Spotify app and then sign in using your account. Then you just need to find which Korean song you want to download or just click on one of Jaka's recommendations above.
  • Step 3: Press the three dots icon and then select an option Add to Playlist. select one playlists Spotify that you have previously created or create a new one with the tap of a button New Playlist.
  • Step 4: Go to tabYour Library and open playlists Spotify that you have created earlier. Then swipe toogleDownload and automatically the song you selected will be downloaded, gang.
  • Step 5: To listen to the song offline without internet quota, you just have to activate it Offline mode which is on the menu Settings. Now you have succeeded download Korean songs on Spotify, gang.


Method download This Spotify song is only valid for accounts Spotify Premium which is obtained by subscribing every month.

What? You can't subscribe to a Spotify Premium account yet? No need to worry, Jaka has also written a method download other songs that you can read in full here, gang.

2. How to Download Songs via YouTube

Second, you can also do download MP3 songs from YouTube for the latest MV alias video clip from boy band or girl group your favourite. Here are the full steps!

  • Step 1: The first time you already have the app VidMate which you can download via the link below.
Vidmate Studio Apps Downloader & Plugin DOWNLOAD
  • Step 2: Open the VidMate application that is already installed on your Android phone, then tap menu YouTube like in the picture below, gang.
  • Step 3: Do a normal YouTube search to find the song you want download. Play the video then tap the icon Download red, select a music format, and tap Download button once again.
  • Step 4: If you have, then automatically MP3 songs from YouTube will start downloading. To see the process, all you have to do is tap the icon Download at the top. Very easy, right?

Apart from VidMate, download MP3 songs from YouTube can also be done with other methods which of course you can do easily. You can read the full tutorial here!


Bonus: App and Site Recommendations Download Latest Korean Songs 2020

Still not satisfied with download via Spotify and YouTube? Jaka also has other recommendations for apps and sites download latest korean song lol.

1. Application Download Latest Korean Songs

Of the many applications download the most popular Korean songs, ApkVenue highly recommends you to use TubeMate YouTube Downloader, gang.

Not only reliable as an app download YouTube videos only, through this application you can also download high quality and clear MP3 format.

Apart from TubeMate, you can also read more in the article Recommended Best Android Song Download Applications 2020 which Jaka wrote before.

2. Site Download Latest Korean Songs

Meanwhile for site recommendations download the latest Korean song, Jaka chose MP3Skulls (//mp3skulls.to) Who has updates faster than others.

Sites that you can easily access via smartphone This Android, PC, or laptop is a favorite of many people, including the people of Indonesia.

If, for example, MP3Skulls is still unsatisfactory, you can also see a list of other sites in the article Collection of the Best Song Download Sites 2020 reviewed here.

Videos: No Premium! Here's the Easy Way Download One Click Song

Well, that's the recommendations and download links for the latest and most popular 2020 Korean songs that are easy to listen to anytime and anywhere.

Oh yes, does your group fall into the ranks above? Try writing in the comments column below.

Don't forget to also share and comment to keep getting information about the latest technology from JalanTikus.com, okay!

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