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logitech mk275 & m330 review, make life more free without ties!

You already know Logitech as a brand that provides various peripherals for PCs and laptops. Well, some products like Logitech MK275 and Logitech M330 can actually make you live freely without any strings attached!

Final year students must have been very bored with thesis revision.

Of course, you will be more troubled, especially with your messy mouse and keyboard cables on the table, right?

Well, no need to worry! For those of you who have a limited budget, there are several wireless mouse and keyboard options which can make students' lives free without any ties.

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Logitech's Lineup of Wireless Keyboards and Mouse Makes Life #FreeNo Bonds!

This time, Jaka has two peripherals, namely: Logitech MK275 and Logitech M330 both of which have brought a wireless design that makes your life more #FreeWithout Ties!

Buy Logitech MK275 and Logitech M330 here

With an affordable budget, of course both are very suitable for those of you who have thin pockets such as students or college students.

Before you buy it, check it out first Logitech MK275 and Logitech M330 reviews from JalanTikus below. Let's see more!

Logitech MK275 Review, Cheap Mouse & Keyboard Bundling Package for Wireless!

First there Logitech MK275 which is a wireless keyboard and mouse bundle package in a sales package, which is certainly reliable for everyday use.

Indeed, by design, both the mouse and keyboard have a standard design in the style of Logitech products that are used for office use guys.

The Logitech K275 keyboard itself carries full size design complete with its own numpad on the right. While the M185 Mouse is also standard without additional alternative buttons like a gaming mouse in general.

Even in the sales package, you will immediately get 2 AAA batteries for the keyboard and 1 AA battery for the mouse that is already installed.

For connectivity there is also a receiver placed at the bottom of the mouse.

Then how is the experience of using it? Jaka feels there are a number of differences that will be a selling point in itself.

At the top of the Logitech K275 keyboard you'll find 8 shortcut keys which is divided into 2 parts.

On the left are the Play/Pause, Mute, Volume Down and Volume Up buttons for multimedia purposes.

While on the right the function is more complex. Home button to go to the default browser, Mail to go to the default email application, ON to turn on/off the PC in Sleep state and Calculator.

For the indicator light, there is only the CapsLock indicator which is next to the On/Off switch guys.

Feel its use is quite comfortable, where the keyboard load is not too heavy if you want to take it anywhere. Moreover, this mouse and keyboard has wide range up to 10 meters lol.

While for Mouse Logitech M185 itself has a fairly standard function. But what is of concern is that its relatively compact size makes some people a bit uncomfortable using it.

The wireless mouse provided has a small size so that for those of you with large hands it will be easy to feel sore and tired in use.

Logitech M331 Silent Plus Review, For Those of You Who Like Silence!

Then there is Logitech M331 Silent Plus specially made for those of you who like silence. Why?

Because a wireless mouse that has received certification from Quiet Mark it has Silent Plus technology which reduces the amount of noise by up to 90 percent, but with a clicking sensation like a mouse in general.

In the sales package you will get a Logitech M331 unit, 1 AAA battery and a USB receiver to plug into your PC/laptop.

By design, the Logitech M331 Silent Plus mouse is specifically designed for users who use the right hand.

Moreover, ergonomically, this mouse is very comfortable to use and does not make it sore because it has a medium size so it is suitable for those of you with large hands. thumb rest.

Plus there are indicator light at the top, which indicates the mouse is connected or not to your laptop. Very practical right?

So that's Jaka's little review about a wireless mouse and keyboard from Logitech. You don't have to worry about the price!

Because for the price itself, you can get Logitech MK275 with a range of IDR 275 - 300 thousand while Logitech M330 IDR 150-180 thousand. Interested right?

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