3 ways to save internet quota on pc up to 40%

So far, the PC or computer that you always use for internet access has proven to be more wasteful in using internet quota when compared to smartphones.

When you hear the word PC, you won't be surprised anymore, right? Yes, as an electronic device that is capable of doing many things, the fame of the PC is indeed difficult to forget even though its prestige is defeated by the dominance of smartphones. However, PCs are actually still used by many users around the world, both for document processing, graphic design, gaming, or for internet access. Talking about the internet, of course you will immediately remember saving internet quota. Oh yes, in the previous article, you can also read How to Save Quota on Android, but this time we will discuss how to save internet data quota on a PC.

Yes, so far the PC or computer that you always use for internet access has proven to be more wasteful in using internet quota when compared to smartphones. The reason itself is because the PC screen size is much larger than the smartphone screen so it will force the PC to be more greedy in opening website content. This of course cannot be allowed to continue. The reason is, if you continue like this, it will make your wallet thin out quickly. So, in order to prevent that from happening, the only way is to save data quota. So, through this article, we will tell you all tips regarding how to save internet quota.

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3 Ways to Save Internet Quota on PC Up to 40%

1. Don't Show Any Image

The first tip on how to save internet quota on a PC is about image display. Pictures are like internet decorations. Without his presence, the world of the internet seems tasteless. However, if your internet quota is dying and you haven't been paid, then the best way to enjoy the internet even longer is to not display images in the browser, because this is one of the best ways to save quota. Even though the way to save internet quota this will make the internet experience less, but for the sake of yourself and your wallet is not wrong right? After all, it's not every day you browse without pictures. For this, you can do it in the following way:

  • Google Chrome: Settings >> Show advanced settings >> Privacy >> Content settings >> Pictures >> Don't show any pictures.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Type "about:config" in the address bar >> Type "permissions.default.image" >> Change value 1 to 2 by modifying it.
  • UCBrowser: General (General) >> Other (Other) >> Privacy (Privacy) >> Content settings >> Images (images) >> Do not show any images.
  • Opera: Settings >> Web Pages >> Images >> Don't show images

2. Install User Agent

Don't like the first way to save data quota? Don't worry, you can still choose the second quota-saving trick. Simply by installing third-party extensions in respective browsers, you can already feel the sensation of saving internet quota without worrying about running out of quota. Oh yes, User Agent is an extension that offers features to change the appearance of the websites you visit into other modes, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari browser modes. In each of these modes, you just choose opera mode or opera mini because it will display the website in a minimalist size which will automatically save internet data usage.

  • Google Chrome and Uc Browser: Download here
  • Opera: Download here
  • Firefox: Download here

3. Replace Your Browser with Opera Mini

Opera is different from Opera Mini. The difference itself is in Opera, which is specifically for PCs, while Opera Mini is for mobile devices. In this way of saving data quota, you are required to install and use the Opera Mini browser on a PC or computer if you want to access the internet.

At first glance, this seems impossible to do. When in fact it can, as long as it is done by utilizing software add-on named MicroEmulator. Emulator software this task is to run applications type Java (*.jar), which includes the Java version of Opera Mini.

  • Download Java for PC (If you don't have one)
  • Download Opera Mini Java version
  • Download MicroEmulator for Windows

Install Java on your computer. After that open MicroEmulator and select Open MIDlet file, then open the previously downloaded version of the Opera mini Java application file. If so, then it will be like this:

Those are the various tricks that we can convey about how to save internet quota on a PC. Although it seems trivial, this trick is considered effective in overcoming the problem of wasteful internet quota on a PC, computer, laptop, or notebook.