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there is an image guide, here's how to screenshot your vivo cellphone

The most complete and legal collection of how to screenshot HP Vivo. You can do this with a key combination or the default application that has been provided.

Have you ever been confused when you wanted to ex-chat screenshots on Vivo HP?

Don't worry, not everyone understands how to screenshot Vivo HP. Most download additional applications to simply take screenshots.

There is indeed another way apart from additional apps?

Of course there are guys, one of them is using HP Vivo key combination you. You don't have to bother downloading again from the Play store, especially if you don't have an internet package.

Jaka will give you the most complete Vivo screenshot method that you can practice right now. OK, read on for the full article!

How to Screenshot Vivo with Key Combinations

The first and easiest way to take a screenshot on your Vivo HP is to use the key combination volume and power.

Here are the full steps:

Step 1 - Define screen display which you want to screenshot.

Step 2 - Press volume down + Power button simultaneously.

If successful, the screen will flash and a preview screen will appear on the top right of your cellphone screen. You will find screenshots on Screenshot folder on HP Gallery.

How to Screenshot Using S-Capture

Next is to use Vivo's default application, namely S-Capture. You can do various types of screenshots from long screenshot until shape screenshot.

Here are 5 ways to screenshot Vivo using S-Capture.

How to Long Screenshoot with S-Capture

The first is to do a long screenshot using S-Capture. This Vivo screenshot method is usually used to save browser contents or articles.

Here are the full steps:

Step 1 - Swipe the screen from bottom to top until the menu Control Center appear.

Step 2 - Click S-Capture and floating widget will appear on your cellphone screen.

Step 3 - Click Long Screenshot and select next to continue the image to the bottom.

Step 4 - If you feel the image is long enough and includes the information you want, click save to save the image.

How to Rectengular Screenshot with S-Capture

Rectangular Screenshot is one way to screenshot Vivo to get a rectangular image that you can adjust the size and location.

Here are the full steps:

Step 1 - Open S-Capture in Control Center, then click Rectangular.

Step 2 - Specify the view you want to screenshot with draw blue dot in every corner.

Step 3 - Click Save to save the image.

3 Funny Screenshot Ways with S-Capture

The next Vivo screenshot method is the Funny Screenshot feature on S-Capture which will make screenshots with unusual shapes. You can use 3 tools namely Lasso and Doddle.

Funny Screenshot with Lasso

Lasso in this Funny Screenshot allows you to create customizable shapes. How to screenshot this Vivo cellphone is quite unique, guys.

For example, Jaka wants to make a star-shaped screenshot, see the following steps.

Step 1 - Click Funny Screenshots on floating widget S-Capture

Step 2 - Choose Lasso and draw any shape on the screen, the ends of the dotted line must meet each other. Then click save to save the image.

Funny Screenshots of Doddle

The next is Doodle Screenshot which allows you to make screenshots with shapes according to the strokes on the screen that you draw.

The method is as follows.

Step 1 - Click Doodle Screenshot from the floating widget S-Capture.

Step 2 - Swipe the screen to form certain strokes, the swiped screen is the screenshot area. Then click save to save the image.

Funny Screenshot Shaped

Last is Shaped Screenshot which can capture images on your cellphone screen with certain forms that have been provided. For example a heart or a round shape.

Here are the steps.

Step 1 - Click Shaped Screenshot on the floating widget S-Capture

Step 2 - Choose the shape you want, here Jaka chooses heart shape.

Step 3 - Click save to save the existing image in the form of your choice.

Android Screenshot Application

In addition to how to screenshot Vivo phones using the built-in buttons and applications, you can also take screenshots in more diverse forms using third-party applications.

Apps Photo & Imaging Ice Cold Apps DOWNLOAD

The example is Screenshots of Easy which you can download for free. You can use this application on every Android phone. If you want to see other screenshot applications, you can check out this one Jaka article:


That's how to screenshot Vivo by using the buttons and using the Vivo default application. Now you can record all views on your cellphone screen.

If you want to screenshot on your PC or Laptop, Jaka also has a quick way. You just have to see Jaka's article on How to Screenshot on a PC/Laptop.

Don't forget to write down how to screenshot your favorite Vivo cellphone, guys, see you in the next article!

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