cool way to unlock screen using hand gesture

Do you know the Google Android Experiments I/O Challenge program? For 2016, one of the winners is a gesture-based lockscreen app that lets you unlock the screen using hand gestures. Very cool.

Do you know the Google Android Experiments I/O Challenge program? Android Experiments is a place to showcase all creative Android projects and invite all developer to present the experimental results.

For 2016, one of the winners fell on an app lockscreen based gestures aka the movement called GestureLock. With this application, you can open your smartphone with just one gesture. It's really cool, are you interested in trying it?

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Advanced! Here's a Cool Way to Unlock the Screen Using Hand Gestures

1. Install GestureLock Gesture Lockscreen

This Android Experiment project does facilitate innovative ways to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Android platform. Unlocking the screen with a gesture, of course, a new way that is quite unique isn't it. First, you download first application GestureLock Gesture Lockscreen on the Google Play Store.

2. Set Movement

After you install and open it, you will be guided directly how to use GestureLock. Just click Continue and Okay I'm ready! Next, we start recording the movement you want. The movement must be at least 2 seconds, the trick is to hold the big round icon and do the movement 3 times.

3. Set PIN

Next is to set the PIN as back up if you forget your hand movements. Maybe this will happen to some people when it is still early. Now, now try to turn off then on screen, lockscreen not replaced. You go to settings and don't use a screen lock guard, like swipe, patterns, pins and password.

Now that you can unlock the screen with gestures, you can try all sorts of complicated hand gestures. If you're bored, just press the lock icon to unlock the screen with a PIN.

4. So Looks Cool or Weird?

What if other people see you gesticulating? Maybe you look cool or even weird. However, this can be an alternative to get rid of boredom on your Android smartphone.

There are still many cool applications from Android Experiment that Jaka might discuss again at another time. This form of Google support certainly makes the developer more enthusiasm in creating creative applications with new features or unique features that are owned by Android. It can also explore how we interact with each other's devices. Good luck!

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