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3 ways to report the latest problematic youtube account

Often find channels or YouTube accounts that upload inappropriate or copyright-infringing videos? Check out how to report the following YouTube account!

There are many channel accounts on YouTube that upload various kinds of videos. Sometimes, you will find interesting content.

However, it's not uncommon for you to find inappropriate content in an account channel YouTube. Examples of videos prank groceries to trans women who shocked the virtual world some time ago.

To reduce the amount of inappropriate content, you can report or report the YouTube account. So, report only if you find a Youtube account uploading disturbing videos.

Guide Before Reporting YouTube Account

Before we start the tutorial how to report YouTube account, we need to know in advance what kind of videos are inappropriate for displaying on YouTube.

Inappropriate Types of Videos to Upload on YouTube

Some videos that are inappropriate for uploading on YouTube include pornography, bad things like how to make bombs, violence against animals, and those that violate copyright. Yes, you can also report a YouTube account that violates copyright.

In addition, although YouTube supports freedom of opinion, the platform also has strict regulations on content that invites viewers to discriminate against someone. Videos that violate someone's privacy will also be removed from YouTube.

Well, for more details, here are some types of videos that are explicitly banned by Youtube:

  • Videos that are pornographic or sexual.
  • Videos that are harmful or may put viewers at risk.
  • Videos containing hate speech.
  • Videos featuring explicit violence.
  • Videos that annoy others (bully) or cyberbullying.
  • Spam or scam videos.
  • Videos containing threats.
  • Videos that violate copyright.
  • Videos that violate the privacy of others.
  • Videos that harm children.

Method Report YouTube account

If you find a Youtube account that uploads inappropriate videos with the type or criteria of the prohibited video, you can report it to YouTube. Let's see how to report a YouTube account from Jaka!

1. How to Report Youtube Account on PC/Laptop

Method report The first YouYTbe account is to report it directly on the YouTube website page. If you open a Youtube page on a PC or laptop, you can do the following steps:

  1. Open the YouTube channel account that you want to report.
  2. Then, go to the tab About, then click the flag icon and click User Reports.
  1. After that, you can choose what reason you report the account channel the YouTube.
  1. Then, a page like the following will appear, and click Continue at the very bottom.
  1. Then, an option will appear for report part comments or videos on that YouTube account. However, if you want to report it in its entirety, you can move on to the next step.

  2. If you want to report the entirety of the YouTube account, scroll to the very bottom, then fill in the fields Additional Notes with the reason why you want to report the YouTube account.

  1. Finished. You have also successfully reported the YouTube account.

How? Very easy, right? Apart from browser on a PC or laptop, you can also report a YouTube account through the application at smartphone. Check out the steps for reporting the next YouTube account!

2. How to Report YouTube Account on Smartphone

Reporting a Youtube account through the application is also as easy as through a browser. However, this method can only be used to report videos, not YouTube accounts as a whole. The steps are as follows:

  1. open channel YouTube that you want to report.
  1. Then, open the video you want report, then click the three dot button at the top right.
  1. Then, an option like this will appear. Click the flag icon and click Report.
  1. After that, you can choose what reason you report the account channel the YouTube. Click Report.
  1. Finished. The YouTube account has also been successful for you report.

In addition to reporting the Youtube account through the official website page or the application at smartphone, you can also report your YouTube account directly to Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo). How to? See how report YouTube account to Kominfo in the next step!

3. How to Report YouTube account to Kominfo

In addition to the two methods above, you can also report YouTube accounts that violate the rules directly to Kominfo, you know. The trick is to make a complaint to the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

In the e-mail, you can mention the name of your YouTube account along with the link channelher, and explain why.

Well, that's three ways report Youtube account that you can try. By reporting YouTube accounts that have channel YouTube violates the rules or intentionally uploads videos that are distracting and inappropriate for viewing.

You can help YouTube to clean their platform of bad content. That way, Youtube will be even safer for children to watch.

Is there a YouTube account you want to report? If there is, follow the steps above to report it, yes. Good luck!

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