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7 of the best boboho movies of all time, legendary!

Want to be nostalgic while laughing watching the movie Boboho? It's really fitting, Jaka has a recommendation for the best Boboho movie title that you can watch right now.

For those of you members of the 90s generation, you must remember the figure of a funny and fat little boy who is always adventuring with the figure of a middle-aged man who is often called by Uncle?

Yup, it's true that this little kid is the main character in the movie Boboho, a mandarin action comedy that became a favorite spectacle in the 90s.

Even though it is classified as old school, the Boboho series of films can always be a daily dose of laughter that will make your spirits rise again.

7 Best Legendary Boboho Movie Titles of All Time

The Boboho sub-Indonesian films almost always use the same actors in their films, but that doesn't mean these films were made carelessly, gang.

The audience will be presented with chemistry which builds very well between the cast, and makes it easier for them to live the storyline and laugh together throughout this comedy.

For those of you who are looking for nostalgia or just need entertainment on the weekends, here is a row of Indonesian subtitled Boboho films that Jaka recommends.

1. Super Mischieves / Wu in fan dou xing (1995)

This film tells the story of 3 monks at the Shaolin temple who are assigned to snatch the stolen magic scroll by a criminal.

Of course, Boboho was one of the three assigned students. Along their way meet people with unique personalities which makes their adventure even more colorful.

This comedy film is really suitable for you to watch to relieve fatigue that you may feel after activities. Boboho's typical joke Guaranteed to make you smile again.

TitleSuper Mischieves / Wu on fan dou xing
ShowJuly 20, 1995
Duration1 hour 29 minutes
DirectorYen-Ping Chu
CastMan-Tat Ng, Ashton Chen, Shao-Wen Hao, et al
GenreAdventure, Comedy
Rating5.9/10 (IMDb.com)

2. Ten Brothers, The Most Famous Boboho Movie

Apk's second recommendation has a unique story concept at the same time inserting a lot of fresh comedy in it.

Ten Brothers is a Boboho sub Indo film that tells the story of 10 siblings who were separated into two families since birth.

They compete with each other without realizing that in fact they are all brothers.

The moral message in this film is also good enough to be observed. You don't just watch comedy action films, but you can at the same time live up to the moral message about brotherhood in this film.

TitleTen Brothers
ShowDecember 25, 1995
Duration1 hour 40 minutes
DirectorLik-Chi Lee
CastKenny Bee, Man Cheung, Ashton Chen, et al
GenreAction, Comedy, Fantasy
Rating6.0/10 (IMDb.com)

3. Grandpa's Love (1994)

The next recommendation is the Indonesian subtitled Boboho film with different storyline than other films in list Jack this time.

This film has a family theme where Boboho plays a small child who loses his parents in an accident.

She and her brother had to live with their grandfather who showed affection in a slightly different language.

Besides being able to spread a smile, this mandarin movie can make you shed tears thanks to the well-developed storyline.

TitleGrandpa's Love
Show24 June 1995 (Taiwan)
Duration1 hour 30 minutes
DirectorYen-Ping Chu, Pei-Yung Hsu
CastSihung Lung, Jimmy Lin, Shao-Wen Hao, et al
Rating6.6/10 (IMDb.com)

4. Me and You and a Girl Named Ugly (1996), The Best Boboho Film, Indo Sub

The next Boboho film, Jaka's recommendation is Me and You and a Girl Named Ugly. This film is one of the best Boboho comedy films ever made.

In this film, Boboho is an elementary school student who tries to win the heart of his beautiful classmate, and he is willing to fight for this love.

Meanwhile, another female friend of Boboho has a crush on her, but Boboho stays away from her because she doesn't look as pretty as the girl he has a crush on.

The nuances of monkey love in this film can make you laugh, laugh at the behavior of the actors as well as maybe laugh at the memories of your monkey love in elementary school.

TitleMe and You and a Girl Named Ugly
Show1995 (Taiwan)
Duration1 hour 27 minutes
DirectorYen-Ping Chu
CastShao-Wen Hao, Yvonne Hung Yung, Jacky Tsung-hsien Wu, et al
Rating8.2/10 (IMDb.com)

5. Trouble Maker (1995)

In this film you will see Uncle's struggle to be a teacher in a class whose contents are all troublemakers. Uncle had to fight hard to teach because he needed money.

Feeling no longer able to face his students, Uncle and Boboho go to Shaolin temple to study in order to subdue the children of these troublemakers.

Many of the typical Boboho silliness you will see in this action comedy film. Addition side story in this film was made quite well, and can make you touched.

Titletrouble maker
ShowMarch 25, 1995 (Taiwan)
Duration1 hour 27 minutes
DirectorYen-Ping Chu
CastShao-Wen Hao, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Man-Tat Ng, et al
GenreAction, Comedy, Drama
Rating6.5/10 (IMDb.com)

6. Adventurous Treasure Island (1996)

Before the recent video game-themed movie trend emerged, Boboho and friends already made a video game-themed film in 1996.

This Boboho film tells the story of the adventures of a boy and his older brother who magically sucked into the world of video games.

They must work hand in hand with other characters in the video game to defeat the evil pirate, the boss of the video game.

TitleAdventure Treasure Island
ShowAugust 2, 1996 (Taiwan)
Duration1 hour 32 minutes
DirectorSau Hin Ha, Herman Yau
CastShao-Wen Hao, Ashton Chen, Jackson Lou, et al
GenreAction, Comedy, Family
Rating5.1/10 (IMDb.com)

7. Shaolin Popey (1994), The First Boboho Movie

The last Boboho movie title that Jaka recommends is Shaolin Popey. This movie is first film of Shao-Wen Hao actor who plays a figure dubbed as Boboho.

In the first Mandarin film that he starred in, you can see Boboho's actions are still funny, still around 4 years old.

This film presents a variety of entertaining comedy scenes. The quality is unquestionable, this film is what became the start of the skyrocketing career of little Shao-Wen Hao.

TitleShaolin Popey
Show15 April 1994 (Taiwan)
Duration1 hour 27 minutes
DirectorYen-Ping Chu
CastJimmy Lin, Shao-Wen Hao, Ashton Chen, et al
GenreAction, Comedy
Rating6.4/10 (IMDb.com)

That's a row of recommended Boboho movie titles from Jaka. These films can really be used as entertainment material to relax on the weekends.

Although classified as a classic film, its ability to put a smile on your lips is still very relevant even today.

Hopefully the information that ApkVenue shares this time can entertain you all, and see you again in the next articles.

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