These 10 applications are able to maximize the sensors on your smartphone

Want to test smartphone sensors? Here is a list of applications to maximize Android smartphone sensors.

Android smartphone, its sophistication can not be separated from the presence of sensors supporters attached to it. Starting from light sensor, fingerprints, to sensors Gyroscope.

So how to carry out each function of the existing sensors? Therefore, Jaka has compiled 10 Apps to maximize smartphone sensors. Check out the review below, let's go!

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10 Applications To Maximize Android Smartphone Sensors

1. AndroSensor

AndroSensor supports all sensors on Android devices and will tell you which ones are not supported on your device. You can see on one screen, data from all sensors on the device in real time real time. There are also output Graphics and text are available for each sensor.

2. Star Chart

This is one cool android app which allows you to see the projections sky object through your Android. With this, you can really find out about stars and planets different things around you with help GPS.

Supported with dynamic device orientation display. Lets you see the night sky with Android from various angles. Accurately depicts all visible stars from the northern and southern hemispheres. Total more than 120,000 stars.

3. Runtastic Heart Monitor

This cool application is specially designed for health. Runtastic Heart Monitor lets you monitor levels heart rate you via Android. Use camera and flash to detect your pulse.

4. Wifi Analyzer

Want to know network quality Which WiFi are you using? Wifi Analyzer, this app is specially designed to find and scan the best WiFi channels and best locations to use WiFi on your android device.

5. IR Universal Remote (IR Sensor)

Problem with location remote that always disappears suddenly? Relax, you can use the app IR Universal Remote As a replacement. Your smartphone can instantly become a remote controller for various devices.

6. WalkLogger Pedometer

This one is perfect for those of you who are on a strict diet. By utilizing existing sensors, WalkLogger Pedometer will count from every footstep and also can counting calories that burned.

7. Metal Detector

This app measures magnetic field value by using magnetic sensor installed on your device. Metal Detector will take you to explore things around or just look for the keys tucked under the bench.

8. Gravity Screen

Do you forget to turn off your phone screen when you put it in your pants pocket? Gravity Screen will help with the problem by making use of the sensors in your device. This is especially helpful when you're in a hurry, or when your power button is broken. So no need to touch any buttons, just flip the phone to turn off the screen and vice versa to turn it on.

9. Thermometer App

Thermometer App use temperature sensor internal, GPS and internet-based weather services to accurately measure and display the results of indoor and outdoor temperature measurements. The units displayed have two options, Celsius and fahrenheit.

10. Sound Meter

Finally there is an application Sound Meter. Use cell phone microphone for the measurement. The results will display sound pressure level, and sound volume in dB or decibel format. In addition there are also graphs that can add information.

That's 10 apps that maximize Android smartphone sensors. So which one do you think you would most like to try? Write in the comments column below yes!