besides safari, here are the 5 best browsers for iphone

Looking for an alternative Safari browser? Here are 5 browser recommendations for the best iPhones that you can try.

safaris, web browser Apple's available default on Mac and iOS devices. It is claimed to work lightly, but not all iOS users, especially iPhones, are satisfied with this browser. Safari has a slightly complicated user-interface and limited feature availability.

Apart from Safari, you have many alternative browsers to pair on your iPhone. As 5 best browsers for iPhone that ApkVenue shares and you can install via the App Store. So, what are the alternative browsers besides Safari that you can use?

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Here are the 5 Best Browser Alternatives for iPhone

Google Chrome

The browser alternative for the first iPhone is Chrome. This Google-made web browser has interface simple to make you more focused while surfing and has a better search feature than Safari. Most importantly, Chrome makes it easy for you too synchronization bookmarks from your browser or old Android smartphone.

Mozilla Firefox and Firefox Focus

Been around for a long time, Mozilla has features that are no less complete, one of which is synchronizing passwords, history and bookmarks from all gadgets with a Mozilla account login. In the iOS version, Mozilla is also ready to secure all your data because it is integrated with TouchID. N

Not only that, Mozilla also has services Firefox Focus, private browser with the ability to block ads and remove all digital traces that you access.

Opera Mini

Another alternative is Opera Mini. This browser offers a compression mode called Opera Turbo which makes the use of internet quota more efficient and useful when you are browsing on a slow internet network. Having a synchronization feature with an Opera account, this browser is also equipped with a dark mode feature, a QR scanner and block ads.


Other options; Dolphin, offers a cool user-interface with themes that you can change, and is equipped with gestures that give a different experience when browsing. Dolphin browser also has several built-in features such as: night mode, QR scanner and integrated with TouchID for added security.

Puffin Web Browser

The last alternative is Puffin, a cloud-based web browser that offers loading speeds and can be used to download from cloud servers with capacities up to 1GB per file. This browser for iPhone is also ideal for those of you who like it movie streaming thanks to the features Theater Mode and can save on quota usage because it can compress data up to 5 times.

That's the browser recommendation for the best iPhone that you can use as an alternative to Safari. If you've tried it, don't forget to share it in the comments column, OK!