3 dangers of picking up calls from unknown numbers

Jalantikus will give reasons why it is dangerous to pick up an unknown number, because many people abuse the function of the phone.

The role of the phone still cannot be replaced by chat applications. The problem is that although many chat applications offer a phone call function, direct telephone service using a telephone number is still more stable and reliable.

But unfortunately today more and more people are abusing the function of the phone. Well, JalanTikus will give reasons for the danger of picking up an unknown number.

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The Dangers of Picking Up an Unknown Number

Have you ever received a call from an unknown number? Definitely often. If so, don't just pick up the phone from an unknown number, because:

1. Prone to Phone Fraud

It's not enough via SMS, some irresponsible people commit fraud via calls. They make the conversation as professional as possible, even to the point of owning an office. The goal is clear, to lure victims to their place.

2. Information Theft

Have you ever received a call claiming to be from a credit card provider? They usually claim to be from the partner to give a special card. Surprisingly, they will ask for your credit card number as well as your CVC number.

In addition, there are also those who ask for information about the closest people and information about you. The goal? Obviously they are stealing information about you to be used by them in carrying out fraudulent actions.


3. Once Picked Up, You Your Number Will Be Saved

Many criminals scramble numbers to find targets. Once you pick up a call from an unknown number, they will save your number. In the future, they may contact you again with their new modes.

How to Prevent Phone Fraud

How scary is the danger from picking up this unknown call? So don't just pick up the phone. To work around this, try doing the following:

  • Install the TrueCaller application. This application will display each ID of the number that made a call to your number.
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  • If you have already picked up an unknown phone number, first ask for its identity. And don't answer the question if you start asking for information that you think is suspicious.

In essence, it is wiser to pick up calls from unknown numbers. Don't be fooled by these irresponsible people.