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Here are 5 easiest-to-use PC-free root apps

It doesn't feel right if you have an Android smartphone or tablet without ever being rooted. Even so, not everyone understands how to root an Android smartphone or tablet.

It's not good enough if you have smartphone or Android tablet without ever in-root. Even so, not everyone understands how the process is root on smartphone or Android tablets. Many complain about the difficulty of the root process, especially if you have to use PC support.

However, it turns out that the process root now it's not as complicated as imagined, even without PC even process root can be done easily. The following 5 apps that make the process easier root without PC help.

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These are the 5 easiest PC-free root applications to use

1. FramaRoot

In the latest version of FramaRoot has been given changes about access root which safer and faster to me-rootsmartphone overall. For those of you who have an old version of Android, you don't need to worry, because this application is compatible with all types of Android phones and tablets, you just need to find an application that matches the Android version only. So this application is highly recommended forroot Android because of its convenience.

2. iRoot

Almost the same as FramaRoot, iRoot is also an application that makes it easy for you toroot Android without PC help. Apps created by developer China, vRoot this is no less simple than FramaRoot, even on a regular basis developer always give updates for various types of the latest Android smartphones to support application performance so that it can be maximized.

3. Universal AndRoot Root

In addition to the two apps root mentioned above, there is also Universal AndRoot Rooting which support almost everything smartphone Android. This application also tends to easier to use for process root and also not complicated and it only takes a short time to turn Android into a more sophisticated one.

4. KingRoot

KingRoot is the most widely used application forroot Android without PC help. That's because apart from being easy to use, KingRoot is also compatible with all types smartphone and Android tablets. By using the app, you can speed up your Android device and also save battery. In this application there are also several other supporting applications that are useful for making smartphone more sophisticated.

5. Towel Root

The last application that you can use to facilitate the process root without PC is Towel Root. Just like the four applications mentioned above, Towel Root also offers convenience and security in the process root. So for those of you who want torootsmartphone or Android tablet, then there is no reason not to use this app.

So, if you want easyroot android without the help of a PC, then these 5 applications very suitable for use. Because besides being simpler and easier than using the help of a PC, root by using these applications also tend to safer. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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