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10 ways to get diamond free fire for free 2020

How to get free Diamond FF that is guaranteed to work is still there? Come on, find out the right way to get free Diamond Free Fire in 2020!

How to get free Free Fire diamonds could be a solution for those of you who want to buy skins or Battle pass, but do not have a specific budget to buy it.

Diamonds are the main currency in one of the most popular online games today. You can get a better playing experience if you have a large number of diamonds.

Diamond Free Fire can be used to buy various in-game items, such as clothing, gun skins, and other character accessories.

The method that ApkVenue will share has been tested, and really succeeded in giving you Free Fire diamonds for free if you are tenacious in applying the method that ApkVenue will share.

Actually, there is also a way to get free FF diamonds without the 2020 application using a generator. However, after Jaka tried it turned out fake alias lie, gang!

Curious about how to get free diamonds in this popular Android game? Come on, look at the information that ApkVenue shared to completion.

1. Fill out a Survey on Google Opinion Rewards to get Free FF Diamonds

Google Opinion Rewards is a free diamond application made by Google that often holds surveys with prizes. Based on the description, Google Opinion Rewards will give a survey once a week.

Every time you complete this survey from Google Opinion Rewards, your Google Play Store account will be awarded Credits which number varies.

However, basically Google Opinion Rewards cannot be downloaded in Indonesia. Alternatively, you can install Google Opinion Rewards from the link that ApkVenue has provided below.

Once installed, you can collect Google Play Credits by answering a series of surveys for free FF top up 2020.

Download Google Opinion Rewards below:

Apps Productivity Google Inc. DOWNLOAD

2. Conduct a Survey on AttaPoll

AttaPoll is an application on the Google Play Store that provides short surveys and can give you prizes in the form of credit on PayPal or BitCoin.

If you have a PayPal account, you can try AttaPoll. So, there will be a collection of surveys that can be accessed in the AttaPoll application for you to answer.

Usually, these surveys are questions about digital products or consumer habits. This free FF diamond-producing application is a must for you to try.

The survey is very easy, gang, you just need to click on the answer that suits you and let AttaPoll fill in the credit in your account in the application.

Then, You can exchange this PayPal credit into Google Play Credit to buy Diamond Free Fire for free.

Download AttaPoll below:

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD

3. Fill out an Online Survey from JAKPAT

The next way to get free FF diamonds is using the JAKPAT application. JAKPAT or Opinion poll It also provides online surveys with prizes in the form of an application.

The JAKPAT application is made by a domestic developer that connects many local retail companies to reach wider consumers.

Similar to other online survey applications, JAKPAT will reward you with a set of points, and this survey is a medium to get diamonds on Free Fire for free.

These points are what you can finally turn into money and you convert to Diamond Free Fire in games.

The surveys with prizes in the JAKPAT application are quite diverse, ranging from questions about online shopping habits, favorite entertainment activities, and others.

Download JAKPAT below:

Apps Productivity JAKPAT Team DOWNLOAD

4. Using the Cashtree App

The next FF diamond-producing application that ApkVenue recommends is Cashtree. This money making app is quite well known for actually paying its users.

The basic function of Cashtree is as a lock screen application that will display ads when youunlock HP screen.

Cashtree collaborates with a number of brand well-known locale for displaying ads that can earn points in-app.

The more points you collect, you can exchange it with mobile operator credit such as Telkomsel, Indosat, Axis, XL, Tri, Smartfren.

Well, you can exchange this pulse into Google Play Credits through the Play Store to buy Diamond Free Fire, gang.

Download CashTree below:


5. Installing Games and Apps from AppStation

Play games and install apps to earn money is a concept AppStation. You can also use this FF diamond-producing application, gang.

AppStation will display a row of Android games and applications for you to install and play, then you can get a prize in the form of PayPal credit.

After accumulating a lot, you can exchange PayPal credit from AppStation to Google Play Credits to buy Diamond Free Fire for free.

Download the AppStation below:


6. Doing Missions from AppNana

You can also try this FF diamond-producing APK as a way to get free Diamond Free Fire that is both effective and fast.

The AppNana application does not provide surveys, but rather task or simple missions like installing apps and games to earn points.

Every time you log in, you can get 400 Pineapple, points mention in AppNana, gang. Besides doing task, you can also invite friends with the code referrals for extra points.

The points you have earned in the AppNana application you can use to get Google Play Credits to buy Diamond Free Fire via the menu microtransaction in games.

Download AppNana below:

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD

7. Take Quiz from PulKuis Application to Get Free FF Diamonds

Don't install applications or do surveys, gang; application PulQuiz it could be a way to get free Diamond FF by doing online quizzes.

The collection of quiz questions in the PulKuis application is about general knowledge, with 7 quiz categories that you can choose from, from Mathematics to Art.

Every time you collect 11000 PulQuis points, then you can exchange it into pulses of 10 thousand rupiah to be exchanged for Diamond Free Fire after buying Google Play Credits.

The 11000 points that can be exchanged into 10 thousand pulses apply in multiples, gang. You can use this Diamond FF-producing application continuously.

Download PulKuis below:

Apps Productivity DOWNLOAD

8. Finish Tasks from PopSlide

PopSlide is an app rewards which could be one way to get the next free Diamond FF.

It's not directly, but you can get credit from a number of task in the app, such as roulette, share a store link, or something as simple as shopping online.

Daily Roulette the PopSlide application is one of the easiest ways to get points to be exchanged for Free Fire Diamonds which are first disbursed into credit.

Cellular providers supported by this credit-generating application include Telkomsel Simpati, Kartu As, Indosat Im3, Mentari, XL Axiata, and 3 (Three).

After getting credit, you can exchange it into Google Play Credits to get Diamonds FF free.

Download PopSlide below:


9. Participate in Free Fire Diamond Giveaway

How to get free FF diamonds, this one becomes the most common way because it is fairly easy, although there is no guarantee that you will always win at events like this.

But, if the conditions giveaway which is set by the organizers only like post or follow certain account, there's nothing wrong try your luck here.

You don't need to spend anything, the effort spent is minimal, and you have the opportunity to get free gifts. Nothing to lose, right?

You don't need to be prestige, if there's an event like this, just join it, gang. Who knows, you really are hockey?

10. Win Local Tournaments with Prizes

For loyal gamers battle royale this one, you can try out the skills you have while aiming for prizes interesting.

Lots tournament e-sports local organized for this game, and one of the prizes you can get from events this kind is free Diamond.

Free diamonds can always be a magnet in local tournaments like this.

For those of you who believe in personal skills as well as skills squad You can try to join local tournaments as a way to get free Free Fire diamonds.

A total of 8 applications above are a collection of how to get free Diamond Free Fire.

Unlike using FF Diamond Generator, the methods above can give Diamond FF legally and for real works.

For those of you who are addicted to the action in the Garena Free Fire game and want to get Diamonds to buy items, I hope the above method can help. Don't forget to leave your comments below, OK?

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