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make no mistake! this is how to actually use the sarahah app

Sarahah, who is booming among young people, has attracted the attention of many netizens. But wait, in fact this social media application has other uses than many people think.

Who are the young people who don't know? Sarahah? The social media application that has been going viral lately has sucked a lot of people into creating an account and spreading it around Instagram Stories etc.

Many people say and use Sarahah much like a question-and-answer application, ASKfm. But don't get me wrong, guys, in fact Sarahah has a different goal than ASKfm. Here's how to actually use Sarahah!

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What is Sarah?

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Sarahah is an application developed by developers from the Middle East, Saudi Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq. The app was launched last February and is available on iOS, Android, and devices browser. On Android alone, Sarahah's application has penetrated more than 10 million downloads.

Sarahah herself according to the netizens comes from Arabic which means honesty. In accordance with the introduction on Sarahah's official website, this application is intended for work and friends to provide information message anonymously as a means of evaluation and is only one-way, guys.

How to Use Sarahah Application?

  • Download and install the Sarahah application which is available on the Google Play Store.
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  • For you new users, tap on New Account on Sarahah's opening page. If you already have an account, just enter your username and password then tap Sign In.
  • Then you will be taken to the tab Messages which consists of, Received, Favorite, and Sent. To view your profile, tap on the icon Profile on the far right tab. To change profile photo tap on gear icon and select Account.
  • If you want to start communicating, tap the icon Search then enter your friend's username. Then tap and a column will appear where you can fill in the message you want to write. After that tap Send to send a message.
  • If you get a message, you can choose toreport message,block sender, share to other social media, or become a favorite. Unfortunately features Explore on Sarahah is not yet available in the current version.

So those are the facts and how to actually use Sarahah. Even though it doesn't have a negative impact, you as a smartphone user must also be careful using applications or social media according to their goals! Do you think Sarahah's application is quite useful? Share your opinion in the comments column yes!

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