These 15 premium games you must play in 2017

Paid games themselves have various price ranges, some are cheap to the most expensive.

There are various kinds of game genres on Android. Starting from shooting, MOBA, until the game survival. Among all these games are available for free or paid, depending on the developer in marketing their products.

Paid games themselves have various price ranges, some are cheap to the most expensive. Jaka has compiled 15 Cool Android Games at Low Prices. Check out the following review.

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15 Cool Android Games at Low Prices

1. Hitman Sniper - IDR 5,000

Ready to be a professional killer bald head? You are required to have shooting skills using sniper rifles. The mission is to kill the target from a distance with the weapon. With gameplay which is fun and good graphics, the good news is this game is only priced at IDR 5,000 just.

2. Survive: The Lost Land - IDR 3,600

Want a game with 'wow' graphics and super challenging gameplay? You can try the game Survive The Lost Land. This game simulates the struggle for survival when stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. The price is also very fit in the pocket, just IDR 3,600.

3. Neo Monsters - IDR 3,000

Happy with style games Pokemon Sun and Moon? Don't worry, even if the game only comes out on consoles Nintendo 3DS only, you can try almost the same experience with the game Neo Monsters. You will hunt, train and fight with thousands of monsters, they can even evolve. This happiness is even more complete with a very cheap price tag, which is IDR 3,000 just.

4. Real Steel - Rp 11.000

If you're looking for a fighting game that Awesome, you can try games adapted from famous movies, Real Steel. You will control fighting robots who have various attack and defense techniques. Have an exciting experience with only valuable robot battles IDR 11,000, definitely light on the wallet yes!

5. Real Drift Car Racing - IDR 12,000

Inspired by movies fast and furious, and want to feel like the king of street racing? Real Drift Car Racing will invite you to feel the action of speeding and drift on the street. The graphics displayed are really promising, so like a real race. Although it has a fairly large size 260MB but this game is offered at a minimal price of IDR 12,000.

6. Zombie Avengers: Stickman War Z - Rp 3,000

If you want an adventure coupled with challenging combat action, you can try it Zombie Avengers: Stickman War Z. Even with character Stickman, this game really brings the atmosphere of action-adventure which is very exciting and addictive. The price is also very friendly, with a price tag IDR 3,000.

7. Air Attack HD - IDR 3,000

Almost all gamers like war-themed games, especially if the war involves warplanes belonging to the air force. Air Attack HD will invite you to become a soldier and a warplane pilot who carries out an attack mission against the enemy. Enough with IDR 3,000 you can get all these things.

8. Hitman GO - IDR 15,000

Back to the topic of being a professional assassin, in Hitman GO You will be required to think hard, because here it is not only about killing, you also have to develop a good strategy. This game is a game puzzle which involves the Hitman as a pawn and lines for areas that only you can pass. IDR 15,000 is a low price for a game as complex as this.

9. Pacific Rim - IDR 11,000

It's in the game Real Steel you can also feel the experience of fighting using robots. But in Pacific Rim, like in the movie, you will use a super super big robot. Of course, your opponents are the evil giant monsters who want to destroy the earth. Surprisingly, this game with cool graphics and full of details, you can redeem with only IDR 11,000 just.

10. Harvest Master: Farm Sim - IDR 10,000

Disappointed can't play the game Harvest Moon Android version that is priced quite expensive? Don't be discouraged, because you can still play Harvest Moon-style games together Harvest Master: Farm Sim. This one, of course, is priced much cheaper, just spend pocket as big as IDR 10,000.

11. Predators - IDR 12,000

Still remember the movie Aliens spooky who likes to kill humans. Predators also adapted into a game for the Android platform. You will feel the excitement of being Predator with claws and advanced weapons, as well as invisible mode which allows you to camouflage without being seen. Even though it bears the name of a famous movie, this game is only given a price IDR 12,000 just lol!

12. Pocket Rally - IDR 13,000

Maybe hearing street racing themed games, it's common. But what about the race Rally in the desert or the sahara? Surely gamers rarely play car racing games like this, right? You can get this experience in the game Pocket Rally, which is priced pocket-friendly, as big as IDR 13,000.

13. Deus Ex: The Fall - IDR 15,000

There's definitely a lot gamer the acknowledged franchise popular game on platform PC, that is Deus Ex. By the name Deus Ex: The Fall This game is available on the Android platform. You will experience the thrilling action and exciting gunfights. Just prepare money IDR 15,000 and you can play it.

14. Survival Island: Evolve Pro! - IDR 13,000

Another survival themed game comes from Survival Island: Evolve Pro!, with mode FPS You will explore an island in the middle of nowhere, build weapons and houses, and hunt animals for your basic food needs. Even though a realistic 3D graphic display is here, the price you get is only IDR 13,000.

15. MadOut Open City - IDR 13,000

Games with fashion Open World Of course, it can be said to be one of the most favored by gamers in the world. Unfortunately, most games like this are quite expensive. But finally MadOut Open City be a solution for gamer budget. Because with money IDR 13,000 you can feel reckless and walk around town.

That's 15 Cool Android Games at Low Prices. So now you don't have to hesitate anymore to buy the game, because the price is cheap. Don't forget to write your opinion in the comments column below!

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