These 5 best android adventure rpg games won't make you regret it!

Want to try a game with new features that bring fun and easy gameplay and can be played casually? Then you can try some RPG games

To entertain ourselves from boredom then play the game mobile is the most appropriate choice. But make no mistake about choose games that you will play. Because there are some games that will not entertain you, but can actually make you more bored. This is usually caused because the game being played brings gameplay that is not exciting and mediocre.

Want to try the game with new features that bring exciting gameplay and easy and can be played casually? Then you can try some RPG games anti-disappointment this!. The RPG game that ApkVenue reviewed here is a Best adventure RPG existing and still relatively new. So, if you are curious about the game, you can immediately see Jaka's explanation below!

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5 Android Adventure RPG Games That Won't Make You Regret Download

1. Legend Hunter Devil Unleashed

Legend Hunter Devil Unleashed this is a game from an MMORPG, which is also an adventure RPG game. The reason why this game will not make you regret and disappointed after downloading is because in terms of graphics alone it can be said to be extraordinary. Coupled with the gameplay that is delivered is very exciting.

When you open the game it will be presented 5 Class you can choose, and not only that this game also provides fashion arena that can make you do 9vs9 and 6vs6 battles so just choose according to taste. In addition there are also other interesting features such as features Raid Boss Battle which allows you to cooperate with other players to defeat the boss.

2. AION Legion of War

AION Legion of War is not a traditional turn-based game but a strategy game. Real-time battle system is what makes this game look alive, because players are required to always be ready for enemy attacks.

In this game you will be given a treat 100+ heroes what you can get and upgrade it. In terms of graphics, it can be said that the AION Legion of War game has graphics as sophisticated as console games, then the gameplay is very exciting and anti-disappointing.

3. Fire Emblem Heroes

Super cool game from nintendo that was deliberately released for Android smartphone devices, this game is amobile tactical RPG genre which relies on a turn based battle system. Provides interesting heroes, and the weapons in this game are also unique Thunder Lance, Fire Sword and Wind Axe. And many other interesting features.

4. Mobius Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a very famous game even impossible if you have never played it on console or computer. But have you ever tried Mobius Final Fantasy which is the android version? if not, it's only natural because this game has not been released for a long time.

This Mobius Final Fantasy game tells about a wool and youth who have fell into a world called Palamecia. There are also many other final fantasy series characters that are included in Mobius Final Fantasy such as Cloud, Zidane and Lightning and much more. In addition to the exciting gameplay, the graphics also look very possible and look very alive.

5. Tales of the Rays

The last one is game Tales of the Rays from bandai namco, the gameplay in this game can be said to be very satisfying even though it is still the same as the Tales of the Rays game. previous version but it has a difference in more advanced graphic characters.

Game Tales of the Rays tells of Ix, who is a young man assigned to protect soldiers in all dimensions who will try to destroy the center darkness of each of these dimensions. The characters and weapons that are present are unique and anti-disappointing.

That's Jaka's review of 5 Android adventure RPG games that are anti-disappointing after being downloaded. If you intend to play it, you can directly download it on the Google Play Store.