10 android apps that make your phone slower avg version

AVG, as one of the largest security companies in the world, has issued a report regarding any Android application that turns out to have an important role in reducing the performance of the cellphone you are using.

Wonder why the smartphone you are using has a battery life that decreases so quickly? Or are you even confused about why the HP you use is sometimes not agile and stutters when used? It could be because of the application you installed, you know.

AVG, as one of the largest security companies in the world, issued a report on what Android applications have played an important role in lower the performance of HP that you use. The performance here includes the battery that runs out quickly and the RAM that is drained due to the application. Here we will show 10 Android applications that can make your cellphone slow from the first time it is turned on.

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10 Android Applications That Make You Slow At Startup

10. WhatsApp Messenger

For starters, there is WhatsApp Messenger which is one of the top 10 slowest apps today startup. Application chat which is popular with its all-green appearance, apparently even though it has simple features, it actually sucks up great performance, you know. Apps Social & Messaging WhatsApp Inc. DOWNLOAD

9. KakaoTalk

Next is KakaoTalk. More apps messaging appears on this list. As its users decline in Indonesia, KakaoTalk turned out to be present in ranking above in making Android users slow, yes. Do you as a user feel that way? Apps Social & Messaging Kakao Corp. DOWNLOAD

8. The Weather Channel

Application The Weather Channel specifically provides weather forecasts, the following widget which can be presented on the main page of your cellphone. It looks really cute maybe that makes it wasteful on performance, from RAM to battery that drains quickly.

7. Facebook Pages Manager

Application Facebook Pages Manager specially designed for those of you who have fan page in Facebook and want to set it up via Android. It seems to present a disturbance to the performance and maybe that's one of the causes ratingits in the Google Play Store is decreasing. Facebook Browser Apps, Inc. DOWNLOAD

6. ChatON Voice & Video Chat

It's quite surprising that this app is still present in ranking worst in terms of performance, considering the project has long been discontinued. ChatON is an application messaging owned by Samsung which was shut down in early 2015 because it couldn't compete with other messaging apps. Samsung Electronics Ltd Social & Messaging Apps DOWNLOAD

5. Facebook Messenger

Another Facebook-owned app that is poor in terms of performance is Facebook Messenger. Following the fate of the app messaging On the other hand, it turns out that Facebook is talented in terms of reducing HP performance. Facebook Browser Apps, Inc. DOWNLOAD

4. Instagram

In fourth place is Instagram, and again products from Facebook reappear. For those of you who don't know, Instagram now owned by Facebook and actually before being acquired by them Instagram might have been not good in terms of performance. Instagram Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD

3. BBM

Ah, this is no longer in doubt. From the first BBM published for Android, it has had a lot of complaints about performance, especially in terms of the large RAM usage and the faster battery drain. BlackBerry Social & Messaging Apps DOWNLOAD

2. Google Play Services

This is the only Google product that comes in list. No wonder Google Play Services also contribute to sucking smartphone performance because of its broad function and indeed needed by various other applications. Apps Productivity Google Inc. DOWNLOAD

1. Facebook

Tadaa! In the first place is the official social media application belonging to Facebook. In a previous report that was also issued by AVG, this application also occupies the top position in terms of wasteful performance. Apparently, he doesn't want to give up his throne to another application. Apps Social & Messaging Facebook, Inc. DOWNLOAD

Besides ranking 10 of the slowest apps ever startup above, there is also list about 10 of the slowest apps to open. Can you guess it? Here he is list-his.

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Amazon Shopping (Global)
  • BBC News
  • Netflix
  • Samsung WatchON (Video)
  • Clean Master (Boost & AppLock)
  • LINE: Free Calls & Messages
  • Spotify Music
  • Amazon Shopping UK
  • Snapchat

Okay, so now you know what Android apps are making your cellphone sluggish and not powerful. If you still need it, yes please keep it. But if you don't use it anymore, then there's no reason the app is still perched on Android. Instead of draining your smartphone's performance, right?

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