Want to know copy text from your computer image? here's how!

Have you ever come across a picture that contains writing, but you just want to take the writing? Now there's no need to worry, because JalanTikus has a solution. Listen only on JalanTikus!

Nowadays, almost everything is done with computers, one of which is our work, whether it's school work or office work. To complete the task, sometimes we have to browse the internet to and fro. Starting from Wikipedia and others.

But have you ever encountered a picture that contains writing, while you just want to take the writing? Retyping it will certainly take time. Well, no need to worry, through this article, ApkVenue will tell you how copy text from images easily and simply.

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This is the Easy and Simple Way to Copy Text from Images

The internet in today's era is really very useful, one of which is for doing chores. In general, you will usually browse the internet using Google to find what we need right?

But not infrequently you encounter cases, when you want to copy text from an image. Confused? You can try see picture below this to be clearer.

Photo source: Image: Tech Viral

Usually when you encounter such cases, the solution is to do retyping. If the sentence is short it doesn't matter, how about long? Of course this would be very troublesome.

Easy Solution to Copy Text From Images

Now you don't need to worry, because Jaka has the solution. That is, by using Google Chrome browser and Project Naptha plugin. By using these two applications, the process of copying text from an image is very easy!

For the latest version of the Google Chrome application, you can download through Mouse Street link following. After downloading, just install it on your computer or laptop.

Google Inc. Browser Apps. DOWNLOAD

After the installation process is complete, you only need to visit the following link, then click "Add to Chrome".

Official Google Chrome Dedicated Project Naptha Plugin

How to Copy Text from Image

If everything is done, you are enough browsing images that have text, then automatically Project Naptha will run by itself. You hover over the text, block, then copy as usual. You can see picture below this if still confused.

How? By looking at the picture above, you can definitely conclude that this is very easy, right?

This way alone not only for pictures that are on the internet only. But you can also use images that are on your computer. The way is enough to do drag and drop images on your computer to Google Chrome. You can view image below if you are confused.

Well, that's just how to copy text from an image that is easy and simple. Hopefully this information can be useful for you. Good luck!

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