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how to make igtv + how to upload igtv on instagram feed

Confused about how to make IGTV and how to post it? It's really fitting, Jaka wants to share how to upload IGTV as well as how to make it in this article.

Video is one of the most popular information dissemination media today. In 2021 researchers predict that 50% of internet quota will be used to watch videos.

In the midst of rising video trends, Instagram is trying to find its own luck in the video realm by creating IGTV.

With the resources currently owned by Instagram and Facebook, IGTV is growing rapidly and is predicted to have the potential to grow like YouTube.

What is IGTV

Before discussing more specific areas such as how to make IGTV, it's better if you understand what IGTV is first.

IGTV is platform for uploading and streaming videos integrated with Instagram. This special platform allows its users toupload longer videos.

With IGTV, Instagram users can do more free toupload while watching videos with long duration on their favorite social media.

In other words, when you know how to make IGTV on Instagram, you can take advantage of this feature to exist even more by sharing videos in longer durations.

Why You Should Know How to Make IGTV

With so many video uploading and streaming platforms on the internet today, why do we have to know how to make IGTV videos on Instagram?

Although the number of media uploads and video streaming is countless, each media has its own characteristics and advantages, as well as IGTV.

Negative perceptions like this are often heard when discussing IGTV, and some of Jaka's points below might be the answer.

1. Has Tremendous Development Potential

With support from Facebook as a supporting company, IGTV has tremendous potential to always grow and become better.

2. Integrated with Today's Largest Social Media

IGTV is currently integrated with one of the social media with an extraordinary number of users. The potential for the videos you upload to watch is also very high

3. Still New and There Are Few Competitors in This Field

IGTV is still classified as a new medium, and few influencers are trying to take advantage of it. This means that you have more open opportunities to compete in this media.

4. Easy to Use

How to make IGTV and also how to upload IGTV is quite easy. Moreover, IGTV is indeed carried as a minimal editing media platform that is suitable for use by everyone.

5. Trends in Online Video Viewers Are Rising

The trend of people accessing video is currently still climbing and is predicted to continue like this for the next few years. IGTV has a high potential to be watched.

How to Make IGTV

It's clear, why do you have to know how to make IGTV on Instagram? Now is the time to discuss the essence of Jaka's article this time.

IGTV can be made via a smartphone device that you use, be it iPhone or Android, and can also be made via a PC or computer.

This time Jaka will discuss how to make IGTV through all available media, so you just have to choose which device you want to use to make IGTV.

How to Make IGTV on iPhone and Android

Smartphone users can create an IGTV channel through the Instagram application or through a special IGTV application.

Both of these applications can be used to access IGTV for the current version. How to make IGTV Instagram which has now changed.

At first Instagram user have to create a special channel before uploading IGTV videos, but now IGTV is integrated with Instagram accounts.

Automatically everyone now has channel IGTV with the same name as their Instagram account. This update is intended to make it easier for people to access IGTV.

How to Make IGTV on PC

For those who access Instagram using their work computer or laptop, how to make IGTV on a laptop is actually the same.

Now Instagram will make each account their own IGTV channel and can be accessed either through the application or via a PC.

There is no need to specifically create IGTV on Instagram in updates the latest from Instagram right now, each account will get 1 IGTV channel.

How to Upload IGTV

Although there is no specific way to create IGTV on Instagram, the method of uploading IGTV through the application and also on a PC is slightly different from uploading regular posts.

Content for IGTV videos indeed have slightly different criteria compared to other Instagram content, videos uploaded to IGTV must meet certain criteria.

Videos to be uploaded to IGTV must be minimum duration 1 minute, and each channel has a maximum duration limit that varies depending on the number followers-his.

Curious how to upload IGTV on Android, iPhone, or on PC? Here's more information.

How to Upload IGTV on iPhone and Android

There are 2 ways to upload IGTV on iPhone or on Android that you can do, and these 2 ways use different applications.

Therefore, ApkVenue will discuss how to post on IGTV via these two applications and you just have to choose which way is the easiest. The application used is Instagram and IGTV.

The steps that ApkVenue will include here are using the Instagram and IGTV applications on Android. iPhone users can still follow it because the way to upload IGTV is actually the same.

How to Upload IGTV Through the Instagram Application

How to upload IGTV via Instagram requires several steps, and the steps are slightly different compared to uploading regular posts.

Here are some steps that you can follow as a way to upload IGTV directly through the Instagram application.

  • Step 1 - Install the Instagram application on your respective smartphones, and for those who have not installed it, you can directly download the application via the link below.

Download the Instagram App here!

Instagram Photo & Imaging Apps DOWNLOAD
  • Step 2 - Open the Instagram App to access the main menu, then press the button search which is at the bottom.
  • Step 3 - Select the IGTV menu at the top to open a new menu.
  • Step 4 - Click the + sign at the top right to select the video to be uploaded_.
  • Step 5 - Choose a pre-prepared video with a duration of 1 to 15 minutes (depending on the number of videos) followers).
  • Step 6 - Choose Thumbnails the most appropriate can be from the direct video or from the previously provided image, and press next.
  • Step 7 - Fill in the title and description of the product you want toupload. Here you can also edit the view Preview of the video to beupload.
  • Step 8 - How to upload IGTV on Facebook can also be done through this menu by activating the option Make visible on Facebook and select fanpage Facebook you have.

That's how to upload IGTV directly through the Instagram app. The method is a little longer, but you don't need to add other applications on your cellphone.

How to Upload IGTV Through the IGTV Application

For those who want a more practical way of uploading IGTV, you can use the direct IGTV application that Instagram has launched recently.

Here are the steps you have to follow for how to upload IGTV videos directly through the application.

  • Step 1 - Download and install the IGTV application, and for those of you who have not installed this application, you can directly download it via the link below.

Download the IGTV App here!

Apps Utilities DOWNLOAD
  • Step 2 - Open the IGTV app to enter the main menu. Select the + sign at the top right.

The rest of the steps on how to upload IGTV next are still the same as uploading with the Instagram application from step 5 to step 8.

This method is also a way to upload IGTV on feed Instagram because automatically the preview that you upload will be saved on Instagram post and can be seen by your Instagram followers.

How to Upload IGTV on PC

How to upload IGTV can also be done via a laptop or PC. For those of you who do save videos that you want to upload on your computer, you don't need to transfer them to your cellphone first.

Method upload This IGTV can be done via a PC using only a browser, and here are the complete steps.

  • Step 1 - Open the Instagram site through your browser, and click profile to be directed to the IGTV upload menu.
  • Step 2 - Click the IGTV icon in your profile menu to open the menu upload, and press the button.
  • Step 3 - Click the + sign to open the search window and selectupload pre-prepared videos.
  • Step 4 - Edit the cover, title, and description of the video as needed. Check the Post a Preview column as a way to upload IGTV on your Instagram feed.

  • Step 5 - Scroll down if you want to display video posts on Facebook fan page that you manage. When you're done, click the button Post.

Those are the steps on how to upload IGTV videos on your PC or laptop. Easy right, gang?

That's how to make IGTV and also how to upload IGTV on the Instagram feed as well as how to display it on the page fan page Facebook too.

IGTV is currently undergoing various adjustments to attract more viewers to their platform.

Hopefully the information that Jaka shares this time is useful for all of you, and see you in the next articles.

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