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watch laundry show (2019) full movie

Curious about the story of Boy William and Gisella Antasia in this film? Come on, watch the Laundry Show (2019) full movie here!

Released last February, Laundry Show offers a comedy drama genre that has quite a lot of fans in the Indonesian film industry.

Not only comedy elements, this film also presents Chinese family culture which further adds to the uniqueness of the storyline.

Curious to see the film? It's better to just look at the full synopsis of the Laundry Show film below!

Synopsis of Film Laundry Show

Present to enliven other Indonesian films, the film Laundry Show tells the story of an employee named Kokoh alias Uki (Boy William) who felt no significant improvement after working for 5 years.

For that reason, Uki wants to change his fate by opening a laundry business. With the salary he previously had, Uki built his dream business so that he could finally have several employees.

Although the behavior of the employees is able to make the work atmosphere less boring, it is not uncommon for their behavior to make Uki's laundry business suffer losses.

In the midst of a business that is quite crowded with customers, a similar business belongs to Agustina (Gisella Anastasia) suddenly built right next to Uki's laundry kiosk which makes the competition even tougher.

The relationship between Uki and Agustina did not go well and often quarreled. However, the quarrel seems to actually grow the seeds of love between them.

Then, how the story of the continuation of the two? Will Uki choose love over the business he's been dreaming of all this time?

Laundry Show Interesting Facts

Managed to get a rating of 7.4% on the IMDb site, maybe some of you are curious about what happened behind the making of this film.

Well, here Jaka gives some interesting facts about the Laundry Show movie that you might not know.

  • Laundry Show is a film adapted from a comedy novel entitled The Laundry Show by Uki Lukas.

  • In the midst of the issue of Gading and Giselle's divorce at that time, this film actually shows the faces of the two even though they are not met in one scene.

  • In order to be able to explore the characters being played, the players even took part in a laundry training and received a certificate from the training.

  • Tissa Biani, who was involved in this film, admitted that she did not want to attend the Gala Premiere because she was afraid that her acting would disappoint the audience.

  • Boy William was depressed playing the character Uki because in this film he had to be angry all the time which made him tired.

Watch the Laundry Show

InformationLaundry Show
Reviews (Number of Reviewers)7.4 (31)
Duration1 hour 37 minutes


Release Date7 February 2019
DirectorRizki Balki
PlayerBoy William

Tissa Biani Azzahra

Well, for those of you who are curious and want to watch this one movie, you can check out the Laundry Show movie below.

>>>Watch Laundry Show (2019)<<<

That was the synopsis and some interesting facts about the Indonesian comedy drama film Laundry Show, gang.

What's an interesting movie, anyway, that makes you really curious about the storyline? Write the answer in the comments column below, yes!

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