How do Android developers make money from their apps?

Have you ever thought about how Android Developers can make money from the applications or games they have created? Here's how..

App developers and Android games is one of the jobs that is quite challenging and has a fairly large salary.

Creating a game or application is difficult thing. But not all Android developers work with other people. Many of them work independently.

For developers who don't work with other people, have you ever thought How to do they earn money from apps or games they have already made?

This time JalanTikus will summarize various things for you make money from apps or games already made.

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How Android Developers Make Money from Their Applications or Games

Many of the applications and games on the Google Play Store can be downloaded for free. Even so, there are still several ways that can be done to earn money from applications that have been made. Here's the review.

1. Placing Ads

Photo source: Google

Placing Ads is the best way you can do to earn extra money from the applications that you have created. You can add several types of ads in it, starting from banner ads, overlay ads until interesting ads.

Make sure the ad you put up do not disturb people using your app. This is intended so that the person does not uninstall your application.

Up to now, there are more than 60% Android apps that use ads in them. Google own media to make it easier for you to earn extra money, namely Google Adsense.

2. In-App Purchase

Photo source: Phone Arena

Some of you must have bought apps, games, inside items, books to movies on Google Play Store using real money. Well, it also helps developers earn extra money.

Consumption of digital content today easier because some operators in Indonesia can already be used for payment media In-App Purchase. This means that you can buy Android applications using Credit.


3. Subscriptions

Photo source: knowstartup

Subscriptions or subscription is also a way that can be done tomonetize the application you created. You can create a subscription system with a duration of every month, to once a year.

Indonesian users too can use pulse to pay for Subscriptions.

4. Affiliate

Photo source: Universal College of Management

The fourth way for Android developers to make money is by affiliate. If you feel that the application you have created is large enough, it seems that it is time to affiliation or cooperation with other people. Some of the benefits that can be obtained include making the name of our application more famous, getting user new, and much more.

5. Selling Apps

Photo source: Business Insider

If you have the ability to create Android apps or games, you can take advantage of abilities This is to sell the application that you managed to make, of course along with the source code-his.

6. Selling User Data

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It is sure should not done by the developers. Although it can bring in money, user data is confidential. If you are caught selling your application user data, especially sensitive data, you can you are punished.

That's some how android developers make money from an Android application or game that has been created. If you have another way, you can share in the comments column. Good luck!

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