8 most unique ways to test contact on your BBM

BBM which only contains the message "sorry TC" often feels annoying. Well, this time Jaka wants to tell you the BBM Trick so that the Test Contact doesn't feel annoying.

If you use the app BlackBerry Messenger, you must be familiar with the term Test Contact alias TC. Yep, TC or Test Contact is done by sending a message broadcast to all friends in BBM contacts, to find out if there are contacts that are no longer active or need to be activated.invite repeat. But unfortunately, broadcast BBM that only contains the message "TC", "sorry TC", or "contact test"It often feels annoying. Now, this time Jaka wants to tell you the BBM Trick so that the Contact Test doesn't feel annoying.

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Basically, when doing test contact, we send the same message to all friends in our BBM contacts. Well, what's annoying is when the message that is sent only contains "sorry TC". You know, there are millions of single BBM users out there who are happy when they receive a BBM message notification, but when they open it, it's just test contact. Can you imagine how hurt they are? That's why, in this article, Jaka wants to give tips for making messages broadcast so that test contact doesn't feel bad.

8 Types of Broadcast Messages So Test Contacts Don't Feel Sick

1. Words of encouragement and motivation

Instead of just sayingsorry TC", you better send words of encouragement and motivation. Who knows there are friends of yours who are "down", then become enthusiastic again living life after receiving broadcast BBM contains motivational sentences from you.

2. Devotional Words

Almost the same as motivational sentences, words containing reflections are also suitable as messages broadcast when you do test contact. With these devotional words, you might be able to awaken your friends who are confused in their lives, so that they are more patient and grateful.

3. Funny and Hilarious Stories

In the midst of busy activities, surely everyone needs entertainment for a moment to forget all their problems. Well, funny and funny stories sent via BBM can bring a smile, you know! Try to find a really funny and not bad story to send as a message broadcast moment test contact. Guaranteed, no one will feel annoyed with the message.

4. Important Information

The important information that Jaka means here can be in the form of various things. Especially the latest news and info about events that are around you and your friends. For example, information about earthquakes, exploding bombs, accidents, burglaries, and so on. Important info such as traffic info can also help your friends choose the way when they are going somewhere.

5. Health Info

The world of the internet today is filled with a variety of very useful health information. For example, about healthy foods to prevent cancer, natural ingredients to cure various diseases, light exercise movements to burn calories, and so on. With this info, your original intention was only to test contact can make your friends' lives healthier.

6. Job Vacancy

It is undeniable that nowadays finding a job is very difficult. Well, than you test contact in the usual way, it's all right share job vacancies to friends. Who knows someone else is unemployed and needs a job. Test contact What you send could be an opportunity for them to get a job and live a decent life.

7. Tips & Tricks

You can also share tips and tricks about anything. For example, healthy lifestyle tips, tips for processing food ingredients, tips for treating wounds and diseases, smartphone tricks, BBM tricks, and so on. Although the tips are general in nature, they will be useful to others someday. Instead of just "TC" which is not useful, tips and tricks will be more useful.

8. Preaching

Currently, preaching can also be done through the application chat like BBM, lol! You can quote lectures or write quotes from holy verses, then send them to all your BBM contacts when test contact. This method is very suitable for those of you who are religious or active in da'wah activities.

Those are some ways you can do so that broadcast test contact what you do does not feel annoying to those who receive it. Especially if you are the type of person who is diligent and does it regularly test contact to all your BBM contacts. If you have other useful info or tips about BBM and test contact, please write in the column comments below this.