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how to turn android phone into bluetooth speaker on pc/laptop

Want to have a Bluetooth speaker but a thin wallet? You can also follow how to turn an Android phone into a Bluetooth speaker on a PC/laptop, guaranteed to work!

Never once speaker Your PC or laptop is broken suddenly guys?

Wow, that must be really scary! Well, before you buy, go to a repairman or buy new speakers, Jaka has a perfect solution for you.

Without the need to spend, you can turn your Android phone into speaker Bluetooth for your PC/laptop you know. Curious how?

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How to Turn a Cellphone into a PC/Laptop Speaker, Really Easy!

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Android it becomes an operating system mobile which is equipped with many amazing abilities armed with a variety of unique applications available in it.

It also includes one of the following applications that can change smartphone Your Android becomes speaker Bluetooth, whether on a PC or laptop. Curious how it works?

Step 1 - Prepare Software

Of course, the first time you have to prepare applications to turn your Android into a speaker Bluetooth. Here you can install the application SoundWire Free on Android and SoundWire Server for PCs and laptops.

To make it easier for you too, here Jaka has also provided a link download the two apps guys.

Apps DOWNLOAD Video & Audio Apps DOWNLOAD

Step 2 - Prepare Client on PC/Laptop

After both have been installed, then open it first softwareSoundWire Server on your PC or laptop. Here, make sure your PC or laptop and smartphone you are connected to the same WiFi network huh!

After opening SoundWire Server, all you have to do is see the Server Address and write down the address listed to be linked to smartphone your android.

Step 3 - Prepare the Client on the HP

Open the app SoundWire Free on Android and make sure again that it is connected to the same WiFi network as your PC or laptop.

Then you just enter the server address in the column Servers. Tap check mark if you have completed it.

Step 4 - Speaker Sound Test

If so, then make sure the SoundWire Server software on your PC or laptop has changed status from Disconnected Becomes Connected. To test the sound comes out or not, you just have to try playing YouTube videos or songs from Spotify guys.

If it doesn't work, try connecting and disconnecting until the song can play on speaker on your Android.

Step 5 - Make Adjustments

Usually the sound will clash between PC and smartphone, You stay here mute to listen to it only on Android.

Well, to turn off the sound you stay tap icon SoundWire contained in Android until the icon turns dim.


In some cases the audible sound will delay about 1 second if you use it to watch movies. You can use audio/video synchronization tool contained in video player software such as VLC and so on.

VIDEO: DIY - How to Make External Speakers for Your Android Phone!

How are you, how cool is that? So that's how to turn an Android phone into a speaker Bluetooth on PC/laptop.

Of course this method is not as good as you use Bluetooth speaker nor speaker which is connected via a 3.5mm jack. good luck guys!

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