7 best android apps to block phone calls and sms

This time Jaka wants to discuss a series of applications to block unwanted incoming calls and SMS.

It's really annoying, if you often get incoming calls from unknown numbers. Not to mention the incoming SMS that is not clear from certain services. If you experience this and feel disturbed, calm down, Jaka has a solution.

This time Jaka wants to discuss a series of applications to block unwanted incoming calls and SMS. So you can enjoy time in peace while working or at home with your family.

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Application To Block calls and SMS

1. Truecaller - Caller ID & Block

Not only can you block incoming calls and SMS, with Truecaller you can even identify who is calling you. To activate the block feature, how to open the Truecaller application, select tab block, and activate.


With that said, a phone call from telemarketer and nuisance calls reported as spam will be automatically blocked. You can also participate in reporting the phone number that you consider to be spam.

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Pros of Truecaller app - Caller ID & Block

  • This application has a database of numbers spam and telemarketer.
  • Can find out the identity of the caller.
  • Shows info from incoming calls even if it's not in contacts.

2. Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker

This app allows you to quickly block calls and SMS from unwanted or unknown numbers. Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker is also equipped with various features to ward off interference from telemarketing, spam, and robocall.

Here are the excellent features of Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker:

  • Activate and deactivate block with one click.
  • Can block numbers manually or from contact list, log call, and log message.
  • You can also set a schedule, from what time to what time and any day.
  • For whitelist, so numbers in this list will never be blocked.
  • You can also get notifications about blocked incoming calls and SMS.

3. Call Blocker Free Blacklist

This NQ Mobile Security developer application can prevent unwanted calls and text messages from bothering you. Application Call Blocker Free Blacklist it is very battery efficient, consumes very few resources, there are also premium features if you want more features.

Features of Call Blocker Free Blacklist:

  • Lets you create blacklist manually or by adding them directly from phone contacts, call history or recent text messages.
  • You can also make whitelist from the phone number you deem important.
  • Offers multiple blocking modes_ to control its features according to your needs.
  • Prevent fraud by detecting phone calls spam or telemarketer.

4. Truemessenger

Truemessenger is an app to block text messages from the creators of Truecaller. This app will help you enjoy a mobile experience without annoying messages from anyone, including telemarketer, spammers, and bot other messages.

Truemessenger offers the following features:

  • Identify the sender of the message, even if it is not in your contact list.
  • Allows blocking SMA from specific numbers and contacts.
  • Identify and block SMS spam, scams and other annoying ones according to user feedback.
  • Allows you to report individual numbers as spam.

5. Phone (by Google)

This Google-made Phone app has a clean and simple interface. This app offers features such as protection spam, featuring caller ID and call blocking to give you a great experience in making and receiving calls.

Some of the features of the Phone by Google app are:

  • Block and report calls spam from scammers, telemarketer or annoying numbers.
  • Displays info such as the business name and their location on incoming calls on the screen.

6. Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

Applications to block phone calls and SMS on Android are next available Mr. Number. This app has the ability to identify and block calls spam, scam or fraud, and certain text messages. You can also make various adjustments in the settings.

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Following are the excellent features of Mr. Number:

  • Block unwanted calls and SMS messages from private numbers, area codes and also suspected ones spammers.
  • Allows you to add and block calls from the 'suspect as list spam'.
  • Automatically do remote 'reverse lookup' to get information about incoming calls, numbers in log call and log text message.
  • The caller ID feature provides info about the caller, such as a business by name and location.

7. Call Blocker

Call Blocker also a useful app to avoid all unwanted calls. This application offers reliable protection against spam or unwanted calls. Lets you import and export numbers blacklist from or to a file, very useful when you do factory reset.

Some of Call Blocker's many cool features are:

  • Enable or disable block with just one click.
  • Allows you to create blacklist from phone contact, via log call or manually.
  • Block calls using initial digits including country or area code.
  • You can also create whitelist Manually.

Those are the 7 best apps to block unwanted calls and SMS. It is good spammers, telemarketer, or annoying people. Good luck.

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