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2 easy ways to restart your Oppo phone

Here are 2 alternative ways to restart HP Oppo that you can do easily. Let's see more!

Sometimes, your Oppo cellphone experiences lag or feels slow. One easy solution to overcome this is to restart the HP.

However, you can't find a way to restart the Oppo HP right?

Yes, indeed HP Oppo does not provide an option to restart, it can only be turned off and on manually.

However, there is another way to restart the HP Oppo akmu, here is the complete method from Jaka. Read more!

2 Easy Ways to Restart Oppo HP

As Jaka mentioned earlier, HP Oppo cannot be restarted. You can only turn off and restart HP manually.

But there are 2 alternative ways to easily restart the Oppo HP, here's how:

Restart with Fast Reboot App, No Root!

However, if you still want to restart, then there is a way to do it, namely using Fast Reboot app.

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This application is a simulation of restarting your cellphone by closing all data processing on your cellphone. Not physically restarted.

This method can eliminate the processing that makes your cellphone slow. And remove cache applications that are still open in the background app.

Here's how to use Fast Reboot on your phone:

  • Download the Fast Reboot application, you don't have to root your cellphone.

  • Click the Fast Reboot app, then the application will restart your cellphone. Some open applications will be closed, while others will restart.

You will see how much memory is freed in the notification. That's the way you can do to restart the Oppo HP.

Restart HP with Factory Data Reset

The second way to restart your cellphone is to do Factory Data Reset, which is to delete all data on your cellphone and reboot.

This method can be used if you feel that your cellphone is in trouble. Don't forget to also save your important data before doing a Factory Data Reset.

Here's the full method:

  • Go to Settings on your cellphone, select Additional Settings.
  • Then select Factory Data Reset.
  • You can choose many options such as Erase All App Data, Content, Contacts, and SMS. Choose which one you want to reset. Then your cellphone will restart and delete the data you selected.

That's how to restart the Oppo HP easily using alternative methods. Remember yes, there is no way that can actually restart the Oppo HP physically.

If you as a user have the latest method that can restart your cellphone, write it in the comments column, guys. See you in the next article!

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