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how to make linktree on instagram & olshop [2021]

How to make a professional & cool Linktree? Learn how in the following article. Make your Instagram and olshop bio even neater!

How to make Linktree for the purposes of social media is now increasingly in demand and sought after, especially by influencer or owner online shop.

Linktree itself is very suitable for celebgrams as well as olshops on various social media platforms such as Instagram because here you can put your link WhatsApp, e-commerce, until link the content you create.

If you want to try to make Linktree on Instagram, ApkVenue has prepared step by stephow to make Linktree Line, WA, and more on Instagram. Easy and guaranteed to work!

How to Make a WhatsApp Linktree, Line, to Shopee on Instagram

With Linktree, you can put a variety of link on Instagram bio or on other social media. People who clicked link it will also be directed to link other.

Besides being very effective for online shop, Linktree is also useful for those of you who want to share your work or content by placing the link on social media.

Initial Stages of Setting Linktree

Before going into the discussion on how to make Linktree WhatsApp, Line, and platform other social media for the Instagram bio, of course you have to know the initial stages in using Linktree.

Starting from registering an account, to making display settings before you can finally start adding links social media as needed.

Well, for more details, here Jaka has prepared the steps for you.

  1. Go to the Linktree site (//, click button Get Started For Free to start registering an account.

  2. Fill in the Email, Username, and Password fields. Click button Register and follow the next instructions to finish.

  1. Select menu Appearance.
  1. Tap the button Pick an Image to change Linktree's profile photo.

  2. Select the desired Linktree theme.

  1. Open menu Links to start making link Linktree.

For those of you who make Linktree for business purposes, in step 4, try to make a logo as attractive as possible using a logo maker application to be used as a profile photo.

Well, for the stages of making link The next linktree, you can see Jaka's explanation below.

A collection of how to make a linktree for the Instagram bio

Confused how to make Linktree WA on IG? Or how to make a Linktree Line and such? Calm! Because this time Jaka will give you the solution.

Let's not use it for long, here is Jaka explaining a collection of how to make a Linktree on Instagram and other social media. Listen, gang!

1. How to Create a WhatsApp Linktree

For those of you who are curious about how to make WhatsApp Linktree on Instagram, you can follow the steps below. No fuss, really!

  1. Visit the Linktree site (// from the browser application.

  2. Log in Linktree account that was created in the previous step.

  1. Click Add New Link.

  2. Enter title and link WhatsApp yours. Read the article how to make link WA if you don't know.

  3. Make sure the button on the left link WhatsApp is green as a sign of success.

  1. Click button Copy to copy link Linktree.
  1. Go to page settings Instagram account profile.

  2. Paste the link on section Website.

That was the way to make link WA on Linktree. Later, other people who click link in your Instagram bio you will be directed to contact you via WhatsApp.

2. How to Create a LINE Linktree

How to make a Linktree LINE also the same as making a WhatsApp Linktree, gang. You just enter link your LINE account so that other people can contact you via LINE Messenger.

  1. Go to the Linktree site and log into your account.
  1. Click Add New Link.

  2. Enter title and link LINE yours by typing // followed by your ID Line.

  3. Make sure the button on the left link LINE is green as a sign of success.

  1. Click button Copy.
  1. Paste Link Linktree on Instagram or other social media.

By including link LINE on Instagram or other social media, people can contact you via LINE more easily through the Linktree that you include.

3. How to Create a Shopee Linktree

For those of you who have on line shop, Shopee is one of the buying and selling applications on line which can be used as a very profitable business field.

Well, here Jaka wants to tell you How to make a Shopee Linktree.

  1. Go to the Linktree site and log into your account.
  1. Click Add New Link.

  2. Enter title and link your Shopee account.

  3. Press the button sliders until it turns green to activate link.

  1. Tap the button Copy.
  1. Paste the link on the social media platform of your choice.

By creating a Linktree Shopee on Instagram, consumers who want to shop at online shop yours will be directed to the shopping application on line Shopee.

4. How to Create a Tokopedia Linktree

Besides Shopee, you can also try how to create a Tokopedia Linktree on Instagram, as Jaka summarizes below, gang. Try it, come on!

  1. Visit the Linktree site and log into your account.
  1. Click Add New Link.

  2. Enter title and link your Tokopedia account.

  3. Tap the button sliders next to it until it turns green.

  1. Press the button Copy.
  1. Paste the link Linktree in platform your choice.

Creating a Tokopedia Linktree on Instagram will certainly make it easier for consumers to visit your Tokopedia account through your Instagram bio. Simple and easy, right?

Alternative Link Tools Best Apart from Linktree

Not interested in the Linktree list? Want to choose other alternative sites that are no less good and of course free?

Apart from Linktree, there are actually several alternative sites for link tools this kind of thing you can use, gang. However, Linktree is indeed one of the best and popular among users.

Well, if you're having trouble finding the best alternative besides Linktree, here are Jaka's recommendations.

1. Biolinky

The first Linktree alternative exists Biolinky ( which you can also use for free.

The way Biolinky itself works is exactly the same as Linktree where you can combine several link into one, so it looks neater and user friendly.

To make it look more professional and beautiful, you can also add a logo or profile photo according to your taste.

Interestingly, you can also do tracking your Biolinky performance and link it with Google Analytics. However, to get this feature you must register for a premium account.

2. (Later)

Next is ( which is one of the features offered by the site Later.

Almost similar to the previous site, at you can also combine several link become one and put it in bio or maybe feed Instagram.

Not only that, for those of you who want to start a career as a celebrity and intend to diligently post on IG, also has a feature Scheduler so it can be one stop solution for its users.

Oh, yes, for even more complete features, unfortunately you have to register for a Later premium account, gang.

3. Campsite

Well, if this one has a glance that is almost similar to Linktree. Campsite (// itself is quite popular to use, especially for people who work as Social Media Specialist.

Here you can not only combine links only social media, but also link others such as e-mail. To make it look more attractive, here you are also welcome to make customizations.

Starting from changing the background, adding a profile photo or logo, fonts, and many others.

That was how to make linktree free on Instagram. In addition to Linktree WhatsApp, Line, Shopee, and Tokopedia, you can also create other Linktrees by entering link to be linked.

The use of Linktree also has the potential to improve your business because consumers can easily contact you through various channels link linked on Linktree, gang.

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