is it ok to delete "windows.old" folder after windows 10 upgrade?

If you upgrade to Windows 10, you may have asked, what is the Windows.od folder? Can you delete the Windows.old folder? Here, Jaka explains.

Windows 10 indeed bring fresh air for users of the Windows operating system. After previously you lost the function of the Start button in Windows 8, you can find it again in Windows 10. Not only that, tiles You can still find interactive ones in Windows 8 in Windows 10. If you have upgrade to Windows 10, maybe you've asked, what is the Windows.old folder? Can I Delete "Windows.old" Folder After Windows 10 Upgrade?

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For those of you who upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, then now upgrade to Windows 10, you must be familiar with finding the Windows.old folder. Haven't found it yet? Maybe you're not careful.

What is the Windows.old Folder?

When you get a notification upgrade to Windows 10 on your PC, you will definitely be happy and download it. Finished downloading, Windows will make preparations to perform upgrade, one of which is to make backup from the system you used before. Now, This Windows.old folder is the folder to save the results backup from the operating system you used before. You will find the Windows.old folder every time you finish doing upgrade system. You usually find the Windows.old folder on the local disk C on your PC.

Can the Windows.old Folder be deleted?

As Jaka mentioned earlier, the Windows.old folder contains the results backup from the operating system you used before. So You can use the Windows.old folder at a later time if you are not comfortable with Windows 10, and want to go back to using Windows 8. So can it be deleted? If you really don't feel like going back to the previous operating system, Windows.old folder is safe to delete. And again, the Windows.old folder can only be used for a period of 1 month. If within 1 month you do not return to the previous operating system, the Windows.old folder will be deleted by Windows.

The advantage of deleting the Windows.old folder is that you have excess free space to install other applications. Reasonable sizeit can be up to tens of gigabytes right?

How to Delete the Windows.old Folder

Although the Windows.old folder can be deleted, you can't just delete it arbitrarily by using the button Delete. Since this is an important system, removing it requires a different step.

  • In the Search Bar, please search Disk Cleanup. Or right-click on one of the Harddisk directories, then select Disk Cleanup.
  • Select the local disk disk C. Then select OK, and let the process scanning walk.
  • After process scanning done, then select Clean Up System. And let the process scanning back running.
  • When it reappears pop up, scroll down and select Previous Windows installation, then select OK.
  • If you are absolutely sure to delete it, when the dialog appears If you clean the previous Windows installations or temprary installation files, you will no longer be able to restore the machine back to the previous version of Windows. Are you sure that you want to do this?, please choose Delete files.

By deleting the Windows.old folder, you now have excess storage space that you can use to store data for the applications you installed. Pretty good right? So when you find the Windows.old folder, delete it. As long as you're sure you don't need it anymore, why keep it? It's just a memory, right?

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