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how to hide apps on oppo phone

Want to hide apps on your Oppo phone but don't know how? This time Jaka will tell you how to hide apps on OPPO!

During Eid, we usually meet with relatives. Among them, of course there are small children whose curiosity is still great.

The problem to-confused what they have is sometimes dangerous. For example, borrow our cellphones to play games.

Maybe you're worried about your cellphone why if borrowed. Why do you want to uninstall the game, honey, I'm afraid save-save- is missing.

Calm down, there is a solution, gang! One solution is to hide the application on your cellphone, so you can say that your cellphone doesn't have a game. here how to hide apps on Oppo HP!

How to Hide Apps on Oppo HP

Oppo has a feature that allows us to hide applications from the main screen so that other people can't see it.

In addition to the illustration at the beginning, this feature is also useful for protecting privacy and personal data on your cellphone from ignorant hands, gang!

It can also be used to hide default applications that you don't really need, gang!

There are several ways you can do to hide applications on the Oppo cellphone.

Via App Encryption

The first way you can do is to encrypt the application first, as Jaka will explain below.

Step 1 - Go to Settings

  • To ColorOS 3.1 and later, go to Phone Manager >Privacy Permission >App Encryption.

  • To ColorOS 3.0, entered into Security/Security Center >Privacy Permission >App Encryption.

Step 2 - Selecting Apps to Encrypt

Photo source: Oppo
  • Select the application you want to encrypt with a click Enable encryption in X Apps.

  • Set a passcode for preference, it can be numeric, pattern, or alphanumeric password.

  • Select a security question to complete the encryption process

Step 3 - Enter App Lock

Photo source: Oppo
  • After completing the app encryption process, go to Arrangement >Security >App Lock then enter the verification code to enter the menu App Encryption.

Step 4 - Enable Hide Screen Icons

Photo source: Oppo
  • Press app, activate Start Passcode Verification, then activate Hide Home Screen Icons.

Step 5 - Entering Access Number

Photo source: Oppo
  • Message pop-up will appear on the screen asking you to set the access number. You can access applications that you have hidden by pressing the access number.
Photo source: Oppo
  • Access number is # followed by the number after it, and ends with # again. Example: #1#.

When you have done the steps above, then you have successfully hidden your application.

How to access this hidden app is by pressing app Phone and enter the access code

Photo source: Oppo

To re-display the application, you can simply deactivate the Hide Home Screen Icons.

Using Application Launcher

Another way that you can do to hide applications on an Oppo cellphone is to use launcher.

There are some that provide features to hide apps, such as Microsoft Launcher, Nova Launcher, and Apex Launcher.

Below, ApkVenue will give you a tutorial on how to hide applications using launcher owned by Microsoft.

Step 1 - Download Microsoft Launcher App

  • Download and install the app Microsoft Launcher on your Oppo phone. You can get it for free via the link below:
Apps Utilities Microsoft DOWNLOAD

Step 2 - Hide Apps Through Microsoft Launcher Settings

  • After that, open the main menu and click on the three-dot icon located in the upper right corner. choose Hidden Apps

  • When you enter the menu, click the button Hide apps which is blue.

Step 3 - Enable Hide Menu

  • Select the app you want to hide by pressing the button Hide. To display the application again, you just press the button Unhide.

If you feel less comfortable with launcher this one, you can use Apex Launcher which according to Jaka is quite easy to use to hide applications.

Step 1 - Download Apex Launcher App

  • First, of course you have to download the application first, which you can get through link below this:
Apps Desktop Enhancement Android Does DOWNLOAD

Step 2 - Open Settings

  • After that, you just need to open Settings by briefly holding down the main screen and then selecting menu Hidden Apps.

Step 3 - Select the Apps You Want to Hide

  • Press the button Add Hidden Apps the blue one, then select which apps you want to hide.

So, that's how to hide apps on Oppo cellphone that Jaka can tell you. Not all mobile phone brands have this feature, you know!

Hopefully this article can help you, yes!

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