Blue light filter is actually harmful to the eyes? this is the real explanation!

Do you often use the Blue Light Filter feature on your smartphone? There are some facts you should know, gang!

When you hear the word light, what comes to your mind? Maybe you will imagine the sun or the light emitted by a smartphone.

In reality, light is much more complex than that. The light produced by our smartphones is also very complex.

One type of light that is owned by a smartphone is blue light or blue light. In order to reduce the danger of this light, a feature appeared blue light filter.

However, is it true that this type of filter is actually harmful to eye health?

What is a Blue Light Filter?

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In one day, how many hours do you stare at the smartphone screen? The answer will vary, but ApkVenue is sure you use it for a long period of time.

To reduce the level of eye fatigue, a feature called blue light filter. In simple terms, this feature will reduce exposure to blue light on the smartphone screen.

Why the reduced blue light? The reason is because Blue light can cause eye strain and eye problems other.

The most severe is that it can cause macular degeneration caused by the death of photoreceptor cells in the retina. In the United States, it is the leading cause of blindness.

This filter is available on most smartphones by reducing blue light without affecting the visibility of the display.

If it's manual, there are some glasses that are also equipped with this feature to reduce exposure to blue light that enters the eye.

Benefits of Blue Light Filter

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With the effect caused by the blue light, appeared blue light filter. This feature provides several benefits for us.

Blue light can keep us up all night. Not only that, some of us may also like to play HP in the dark.

In fact, these electronic devices deliver toxins to photoreceptor cells that is on the retina. This part is responsible for our vision.

With the filter, we can reduce the work of the eyes and brain because they receive blue light in small amounts.

As Jaka mentioned earlier, most smartphones are now equipped with this feature.

If your cellphone doesn't have this feature, there are several applications that you can use. Examples that ApkVenue recommends are Twilight.

Dangers of Blue Light Filter

In addition to providing many benefits, it turns out that blue light filter also has some dangerous potential that cannot be ignored.

Reporting from various sources, here are some reasons why this one feature can be dangerous for your health!

1. Blue Light Filter Has No Effect on Sleep Patterns

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Based on research conducted by University of Manchester in a group of mice, the blue filter light was not what we expected.

The results from the study refute the assumption that blue light actually has the most substantial effect on circadian rhythm.

Furthermore, research results show that blue light has less effect to body clock mice were compared to yellow or white light of the same brightness level.

This is contrary to the belief of experts who say that blue light has a major effect on sleep patterns.

In other words, blue light filter does not make it easier for us to sleep. Research shows that any light that enters our eyes will make it difficult for us to sleep.

2. Deceive Our Brains

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Not enough there, blue light filter is also considered capable brain trick us by assuming we are in the daytime.

In fact, this feature is designed so that our brains are not deceived by the light emitted by smartphones. In other words, the feature fails to serve its purpose.

Blue light filter designed for reduce protein in our eyes known as melanopsin.

These proteins respond to light intensity, especially light with short wavelengths such as blue light.

The warm yellow light produced by blue light filter will make your brain think that it is noon.

As a result, the brain will tell the body that now is not the time to sleep.

So it can be concluded that blue light filter harmless to eyes. However, this feature can affect our sleep patterns.

When our sleep patterns are disturbed, our health can be affected.

Therefore, ApkVenue advises you not to use any electronic devices before going to bed. If you can, an hour earlier you've put away your various devices.

To provoke drowsiness, you can do other activities such as reading a book or doing light exercise.

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