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how to fix a dead cellphone on its own + detect the cause

Your cellphone often restarts itself and interferes with your activities? Check out the following article about the causes and how to overcome the following HP turns off and on!

Have you ever been playing games or watching movies on your cellphone but suddenly your cellphone turned off by itself? Not only does it die, sometimes the cellphone even restarts itself.

It must be really annoying, huh, gang. Especially if you haven't saved your game or work progress. As a result, everything is lost and in vain.

This does not only happen to certain HP brands, but can also happen to all brands. Want to know what causes and how to deal with HP turns off on its own? Keep on reading, yeah!

Causes HP Restarts itself Over and over

Before discussing the solution, ApkVenue will discuss several factors that could be the cause of your HP restarting itself. This is useful so that you know which solution can solve your problem.

  • Operating System Error: One of the causes that affect the HP restart itself is an error in your operating system or Android OS. An operating system that does not work properly will cause problems such as Force Stop, and others.

  • Battery Status Error: Battery status error means that the battery indicator that appears on your cellphone screen does not match the actual condition. For example, your battery looks 80% even though your remaining battery only has 2% left. This makes your cellphone often turn itself off even though it seems that your battery is still full.

  • Full Internal Memory: Today's cellphones are equipped with jumbo internal memory. If you're still using a cellphone that was released a few years ago, maybe your internal memory is full, making your cellphone slow and restarting.

  • HP Overheated: This problem is a condition where your chipset is overheating. Chipset overheating will cause all HP components to be damaged. The system will automatically turn off your HP to prevent further component damage.

  • Roots: Rooting an Android cellphone does have many benefits, one of which is using an Android game cheat application. Unfortunately, rooting can also cause damage to the operating system so that your cellphone becomes an error.

How to Overcome HP Turns Off Alone

After discussing the cause of your HP restarting itself, now is the time for Jaka to discuss how to deal with HP turning itself off. Choose the right solution based on the problem that ApkVenue discussed earlier.

You can also do all the solutions below to speed up and ensure the performance of your cellphone is as usual. Can't wait, right? If so, go ahead, let's go!

1. Operating System Update

All HP will always improve the operating system and security system on the operating system. Suppose you use Xiaomi, then your cellphone will always provide updates MIUI periodically.

Even so, there are times when your cellphone does not provide regular operating system updates. One of the reasons is because the HP you are using is an old series.

To check it manually, you can go to the menu Settings > About > System Updates. After that, make sure that your operating system is up to date.

If there is no notification but your OS is still behind, then you can download it yourself firmware that matches your cellphone and then update it manually.

If, for example, your cellphone doesn't support the latest operating system updates, this will also cause the operating system to crash. You canrollback Your ROM to match the HP specifications.

2. Fix Battery Status

The next way to deal with the HP turning itself off is to fix the error battery status. As Jaka explained earlier, sometimes the battery indicator on the screen doesn't show the actual battery state.

This can make your cellphone turn itself off even though the battery indicator on the screen shows different things. The way to solve this is to download the Battery Calibration app on the Google Play Store.

Download Battery Calibration via the following link

How to use it is to plug in your charger cable, then charge it until the battery shows 100%. Do not unplug the charger, then open the Battery Calibration application. Perform calibration with the application.

After the calibration process is complete, then you can unplug the charger cable. In this way, the battery indicator will show the actual battery condition.

3. Clean RAM

Sometimes, applications that you install on your cellphone take up quite a lot of RAM. The problem is when the application continues to run in the background so it eats up your RAM continuously.

You can clean your RAM and stop unnecessary applications that keep running in the background. For example, you can stop Instagram which continues to run and eats up quite a lot of RAM.

You can also force stop unnecessary apps with the option Force Stop. Another Jaka suggestion is to buy a cellphone with a minimum of 6GB RAM so that the multitasking process can run smoothly.

4. Clear Junk Files & Cache

The next way to overcome the HP restart repeatedly is to delete the junk files that are still stored on the HP. Even though you've deleted files, sometimes junk files are still stored in the temporary storage folder.

Apart from junk files, cache full ones can also be a problem. Cache is a memory that stores system files as the cellphone is used which serves to store configuration files so that they can be accessed more quickly.

The easiest way to delete junk files and cache is to install a cleaner application like CCleaner. This application is able to delete unnecessary files that make HP feel heavy.

Apps Cleaning & Tweaking Piriform DOWNLOAD

5. Unroot

Next is how to deal with HP turning off on its own by doing unroot on Android phones. This method is very important for those of you who use a rooted cellphone.

As Jaka explained earlier, rooting has many benefits. However, the risks posed by rooting are more. Starting from an error operating system, easy-to-hack security, and others.

A rooted cellphone often hangs and feels slow. Therefore, unrooting an Android phone is the solution that ApkVenue recommends.

That's Jaka's article on how to deal with HP turning off on its own. If you want it to be easy, it's better to replace a new cellphone that is equipped with the best specifications. There are many, really, cool HPs that are cheap.

Hopefully this article can help you, yes, gang. Don't forget to also write your comments in the column provided. See you next time!

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