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watch the movie Jaga Pocong (2018)

Want to know how terrible it is to accompany a corpse alone? Come on, watch the film Jaga Pocong (2018) Full Movie here.

Horror films are one of the favorite genres for people. The more tense, the more liked by the audience.

The name of a horror film certainly cannot be separated from the ghost characters that wander throughout the film, even though there are horror films without ghosts.

One of the most popular is pocong. The ghost character is the one who spreads terror in the film Take care of Pocong this one!

Synopsis of the film Jaga Pocong

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Mila (Acha Septriasa) is a nurse who works in a hospital. One day, he saw a lovebird which made him feel bad.

Then, he got an assignment from his boss to visit the house of a patient named Sulastri (Jajang C Noer). Mila also carried out the task.

The patient's home is located far from the crowd. Worse yet, the patient he had to take care of had died.

Mila who wants to go is detained by the patient's child, Radit (Zack Lee). Radit asks Mila to help look after his house because he has to take care of his mother's funeral.

Not only that, Mila was also asked to help wash and shroud the corpse. Mila is not alone because she is accompanied by Radit's daughter named Novi (Aqilla Herby).

While carrying out her duties, Mila began to feel many strange events. In fact, Novi almost got killed.

Mila also has to deal with various mysteries and terrors that make her trapped in the house with Sulastri's body.

Interesting Facts about Jaga Pocong Movie

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The premise of how the main character must be alone with a body becomes the main attraction of this film. Not only that, this film also has a series of interesting facts, you know!

  • Film Take care of Pocong using the 1980s background.

  • This film is a debut for Acha Septriasa in horror films. Director Hadrah Daeng Ratu also made his debut working on horror films.

  • Senior actress Jajang C. Noer learn to regulate breathing through the mouth so that it doesn't look like it's breathing when it's pocong.

  • Before this movie, Acha and actor Zack Lee Have you ever played together in a movie? Midnight Show which was released in 2016.

  • Lovebirds are widely believed by people to be a sign of someone's death.

  • In order to get more of the horror atmosphere, the production team actually used an old, uninhabited house as a shooting location.

  • The many mystical experiences experienced by the crew and players make them have to be accompanied by Ustaz.

Nonton Film Jaga Pocong (2018)

TitleTake care of Pocong
ShowOctober 25, 2018
Duration1 hour 23 minutes
ProductionSpectrum Film, Maxima Pictures, and Unlimited Production
DirectorHadrah Daeng Ratu
CastAcha Septriasa, Zack Lee, Jajang C. Noer
Rating6.9 (103)

Several Indonesian horror films that have been released recently use old sets. Film Take care of Pocong also be one of them.

This impression can be seen from the classic car driven by Acha, the classic songs played on LPs and so on.

For those of you who want to immediately watch this Indonesian horror film, just click on the link below, OK!

>>>Watching movies Take care of Pocong (2018)<<<

The terror presented by Pocong was quite successful in making the hairs stand on end. There are not many jumpscare scenes because the director uses sound and sets to build the atmosphere.

Any other horror films you'd like to see? Write in the comments column, yes!

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