how to deal with the water hit the cellphone so it doesn't turn off completely

Was your phone splashed or dropped in the water? Don't be in a hurry to turn it on, do the following ways to overcome the HP hit by water so that your cellphone doesn't short circuit.

Often cases of smartphones falling into water lead to HP is totally dead due to incorrect handling. Indeed, water is a scary specter for electronic goods because can damage it instantly.

But, maybe you can still save the HP that was hit by water if you do the right handling.

So what kind of treatment? Here, ApkVenue will review how to deal with HP that is exposed to water before you turn it on. Guaranteed your HP will not die completely!

How to deal with water hit the cellphone so it doesn't die completely

Indeed, in this day and age, there are many smartphones that are waterproof. However, if you don't have it, don't let your smartphone hit by water if you still love your HP.

But if you carelessly put your cellphone in the water, maybe some of these ways you can do for save your HP. Watch it right away!

1. Make sure it's off

After the cellphone hits the water, surely the first thing that comes to your mind is check the situation, life or death. But, even if your cellphone is still on after being exposed to water, it's a good idea to go straight turn off your HP.

Because, the nature of water is always contrary to electronic objects. The longer you leave your cellphone on when there is water in it, then the possibility of HP being damaged will be even greater.

2. Immediately Unload your HP

The purpose of unloading here is not to strip the contents of your smartphone down to the smallest thing. If you a beginner In the case of disassembling a smartphone, you only need to remove the battery if it is not a unibody, or remove it microSD and SIM card.

But, if you are someone who experienced disassembling HP, you can remove your smartphone one by one. Then put everything on a dry cloth.

Keep in mind, make sure you understand what you are doing if you want to disassemble your smartphone. Don't even add to the damage.

3. Dry the outside

After finishing the internal affairs, the next thing you should do is clean and dry the outside of your cellphone with a dry cloth. You have to do it slowly and don't move it too much.

Moving HP in too much water will actually make water spreads to other HP components. Surely this will even damage your HP Heavier.


4. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

need to be reminded, don't blow smartphone that is exposed to water because it will makes the water go deeper your smartphone. All you need to do is use vacuum cleaner to draw water out of your smartphone.

5. Time to Dry It

Next, you must really drying Your HP before you use it again. There are various methods that you can use, one of which is by put your cellphone into a bag containing rice.

Why rice? Because rice is considered a material that can absorb moisture quickly. In addition, you can also find rice everywhere, even in your kitchen. Leave your HP in rice at least 2 to 3 days yes.

Or, silica gel can also be a tool to dry your cellphone. If you don't know what silica gel is, you must have come across a small white bag when you buy it electronics and shoes.

6. Deciding Round

After you have done all the steps that Jaka has given above, now is the time to determine whether your HP is still usable or it's already broken. Try to reassemble the HP that was hit by the water.

If so, try restarting your cellphone, is it still on, or HP totally dead. If the cellphone is completely dead, all you need to do is be patient and accept reality that you have to buy another HP.

But if your HP is still on, try doing some checking like trying your cellphone screen, buttons, speakers, and ports which is on your HP.

What Not To Do When Your Phone Gets Into Water?

After Jaka explained the various things you have to do when your cellphone gets hit by water so that your cellphone doesn't die completely, this is something that is very difficult you can't do it. Take a good look guys!

1. As Jaka always said, never ever try to turn on your HP. Because electronic goods are very 'hostile' with liquids.

2. Don't connect your cellphone to electric power.

3. Don't press any buttons. The only button you have to press is the button turn off if your HP is still alive. Because the deeper you press the HP button, getting in into the water that is on your cellphone.

4. Don't move your HP too much. Because this will make the water in the cellphone move and touch other components.

5. Do not heat your cellphone, such as using a hairdryer or oven. Keep in mind, the heat actually damages your HP. Don't let you even add damage to your HP.

Those are some ways you can use if HP hit by water to avoid HP is totally dead. Jaka reminds me to always be careful when playing cellphones, guys, you have to remember the place too and remember the state of your cellphone.

Don't play cellphones in areas full of water even though your cellphone is not waterproof.

But if you want to buy a waterproof cellphone, here is Jaka's list:


See you later!

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