how to convert pdf to word from cellphone, very easy!

What if you're in a hurry to edit files and don't rush to open your laptop? Don't worry, here's an easy trick on how to convert pdf to word on your cellphone to edit again.

Currently, a lot of documents are stored in files PDF. The PDF format is very popular because it is lightweight, and has many features.

For example, it can be planted password, or locked so that it cannot becopy-paste easily. Documents in PDF format will not easily change the structure and shape, and will not experience missing font as if opened in Microsoft Word. But what if you want to edit this PDF file?

Just convert it to a Word file. Here are various how to convert PDF to Word easily, quickly, and free.

In the world of graphics or printing, PDF files are also very popular because they can store color data very well. So that the color will not change from the time it is stored by the designer to the printing press.

The layout also doesn't change, and can be sent quickly via e-mail. But there must be times when this PDF file must be edited because there are wrong words and so on.

Well if one day you need convert PDF to Word, ApkVenue will tell you how. There are three ways that Jaka will explain. That is through the website, software computers, and Android applications.

Tricks How to Convert PDF to Word Easily and Quickly!

1. How to Convert PDF to Word Via Website.

One of the easiest and most practical ways is to use the features provided by the website PDF Online. This website provides features for convert PDF to Word files for free and safe. Here are the steps.

  • Open the website PDF Online with a browser on your computer or laptop. The address is //

  • After opening the main page, click on the button "Upload a File to Convert...".

  • Select the PDF file you want convert to Word.
  • Wait a moment until the process upload file is complete. If your PDF file contains a lot of images or tables, this process will take a little longer. So just be patient, ok?
  • After process uploading finished, you can see your PDF file that has beenconvert to Word. Now click on writing "Downloads" at the top.
  • You can download the file in three formats, namely Word, PDF, or HTML. For now, ApkVenue will download it in Word form. Just click on the text "Download Word Files".
  • Now you have an RTF format file (*.rtf) that you can edit the words as you like using Microsoft Word software.

If you do it very often, or if you have a lot of work to do convert PDF to Word, it will be faster and more practical if you do it in person offline. There is a software which you can use for convert PDF to Word quickly, easily, and definitely FREE. Here are the steps:

2. How to Convert PDF to Word with Software.

  • Download softwareIce Cream PDF Converter below this. Then install it on your computer or laptop.
  • Open the program. Once open, click the button "From PDF" to do convert PDF to Word.
  • Click the (+) sign to add the PDF file you want convert.
  • Find and select the file you want convert from PDF to Word.
  • Change the format to what you want. Software it can convert PDF files into various formats. This time Jaka wants to choose the standard Microsoft Word file format, namely DOC (*.doc). Then click "CONVERT".
  • Wait until the conversion process is complete.
  • Done, okay. You can click "OK", or click "Open Folder" to directly open the folder where the file has been downloadedconvert is at.

In addition to using a computer or laptop, you can also do convert PDF to Word directly in Android Phone. Here's how:

3. How to Convert PDF to Word on an Android Phone.

  • Download and install the convert pdf to word application below.
Office Apps & Business Tools Office & Business Tools by Tiny Smart Apps DOWNLOAD
  • After that, open the application.
  • Once open, select "Convert PDF to Word".
  • In section "Open From", choose "File Manager". Or if you want to get the file from Google Drive you can too, really.
  • Find the PDF file you want convert to Word.
  • Wait for the conversion process to complete.
  • Done, okay. Now your PDF file has been successfully converted into Word.

That's variety how to convert PDF to Word which can be done either on a computer, laptop, or on your Android phone.

You can choose one of the most practical and easy ways according to your needs. All of the above methods are guaranteed to be easy and FREE.

If you have an even more practical way, tell Jaka through the column comments below yes!

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