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7 hottest adult games that will make you nervous, don't play it while fasting!

Here is a row of the hottest games that will make you nervous.

hot scene in video games now it's not just a figment, because now many famous games have inserted this scene in several games scene-his. It is noted that there are several popular games that decorate the story in it with hot scenes, just like in the game Dead or Alive, Mass Effect, and so forth.

Therefore, the game is not to be played by children who are still underage. However, hot scenes in some of these games can also be the main attraction. That's why the developer don't hesitate to tuck the scene in some games. Here is a row of the hottest games that will make you nervous.

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7 Hottest Adult Games That Will Make You Nervous, Don't Play It During Fasting Yes!

1. Dead or Alive

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One of the attractions of this video game is that when you are on the beach, there you will find various beautiful women who are sunbathing with only wearing a bikini. Not only that, you can also explore the beach to find various interesting things, including the women.

2. Alpha Protocol

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Alpha Protocol Games is one of the most lascivious games, that's what makes this game not too famous and tends to get a bad reputation due to **too much hot scene in it.** One of the hottest scenes in this game is the scene that Sie did with Thornton. Naturally, this game is better known for its hot scenes than its quality.

3. Dragon Age

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Dragon Age is a game that is not recommended for you to play with small children. Why is that? Because in this game you will be presented with various hot scenes, not even once or twice but many times you will be presented with the indecent scene. It's not hard to find hot scenes in this game, because on several occasions several characters in this game will do this to each other.

4. The Witcher

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Talking about hot games, it's incomplete if you don't include games The Witcher. In this game you can find various hot scenes that will make you feel at home playing it, and one of the hottest scenes in this game is between Geralt with Triss. Unmitigated, they did the hot scene in various places at once.

5. Metro Last Light

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If you like games that feature mysterious night and full of surprises, then this game is quite recommended for you to play. But if you hate hot scenes in video games, you better don't play this game because in it there will be various indecent scenes performed by the characters. One of them is between Arythom and Anna.

6. Mass Effect 2

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Many regret that a game as good as Mass Effect 2 presents some hot scenes in it. Even though without this, this game is actually very popular considering the gameplay is not boring and the graphics are fantastic. One of the hottest scenes in this game is that performed by Miranda Lawson with Sheppard.

7. Casanova Hotel

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As the name suggests, in this game you will play the role of a Casanova man who is staying at a hotel. Then in the hotel you will find a variety of beautiful girls that you can seduce, starting from the seduction can then date one of the girls. But it's not an easy matter to get the girls, because you have to complete various missions first.

That's 7 hottest games that will make you nervous when playing them. Just a suggestion, you should not play the game with minors. And a strong warning for those of you who are underage not to play these games.

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