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xiaomi phones often turn off by themselves? know the cause!

Some Xiaomi cellphone users complain that their devices often turn off by themselves, so what is the cause? Here's the explanation!

Problems that are often encountered by most users smartphone Xiaomi is a device that shuts itself down a lot.

This can be found in several types smartphone Xiaomi on the market.

Then what is the cause of this problem? Come on, see the explanation!

Reason Smartphone Xiaomi Turns Off Alone

In some cases, Xiaomi cellphones most often experience shutting down by themselves when they are in a state of power.charge.

As found in several forums of Xiaomi device users, they complained about their Xiaomi cellphones suddenly turning off for no reason.

Actually, there are several factors that are thought to be the cause of your Xiaomi cellphone turning off by itself.

1. Overheat

Maybe there are some of you who don't know that the temperature WL too hot can also be the reason why WL can die by itself.

This condition usually occurs when WL used for a long duration or when running applications that burden the processor's performance.

When this condition occurs continuously, it will further worsen the state of the components in it.

The worst possible risk is WL you will die completely. So, you have to know the right way to deal with HP overheating

2. Not Doing Updates Software

Are some of you still ignoring notifications? updates software?

From now on, it's better not to do it again, gang.

Because one of the main functions of giving updates software on smartphone is to fix bugs which may be in WL you.

Besides, if you continue to ignore and never do updates software, it will be dangerous WL you yourself.

This could also be one of the reasons why WL you die by yourself.

Para producer smartphones usually provide updates periodically for its products.

3. Hardware Forced to Work Too Hard

Basically, every WL will not have problems if used according to capacity hardware which is available.

When you use WL exceeds its capacity, it can cause the device to be damaged quickly.

One of the indications is WL die by itself.

The Android operating system itself does give users the freedom to explore the device.

With the freedom given, many Android users end up modifying their devices.

Often, they do this in order to be able to carry out something that is actually not in their capacity hardware.

Therefore, try to stop the activity when WL you start to feel hot.

4. Bugs In App Or File System

Ever experienced WL turns off when opening a certain app?

Calm! The problem doesn't come from WL how are you, gang. It usually happens because there are bugs in the Android system file or the application you are currently using.

Therefore, make sure your application is always updated.updates, yes, to avoid this problem!

5. Virus

There are many opportunities for the virus to enter WL we.

One of the most common cases among Android users isdownload unofficial application.

In fact, the risks posed by downloading unofficial applications are quite detrimental WL us, gang.

This is also one of the factors causing the Xiaomi cellphone to die by itself.

How to Overcome Xiaomi's Cellphone Turns Off Alone

Now you know what is the cause of WL Xiaomi died suddenly?

So what is the solution to this problem? Here's the explanation!

1. Uninstall the Application that Caused the Xiaomi HP to Die

The easiest way to solve the problem of a Xiaomi cellphone that turns itself off when opening certain applications is to uninstall the application.

In addition, always install official applications to avoid the emergence of viruses.

Please look for an anti-virus application for Xiaomi that you think best suits your needs.

2. Factory Reset

If WL you still turn off and can't turn on at all, then the last step that is the solution to this problem is to do factory reset.

Factory reset In this case, it is done by going to the menu recovery mode.

In the previous article, ApkVenue explained how to reset a Xiaomi cellphone via recovery mode.

Those were some of the things that caused the Xiaomi cellphone to turn off by itself, as well as solutions that can be done to deal with this problem.

As long as you use WL In a normal way and according to his capacity, Jaka believes that the possibility of this problem occurring is very small, gang.

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