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how to make a unique post on fb| 100% work on pc and mobile!

Creating a status on social media will feel boring if you use the same font. Jaka has the easiest way to make unique posts on FB!

What made you want to create a status on social media? When you're upset because messages don't get answered? Or when the heart is happy because it received a gift from someone?

Whatever the background, make a status on social media, including Facebook, that's fine. It's just that, if the type of writing used is the same, it's boring.

Therefore, Jaka will tell you how to make a unique post on FB.

How to Create Unique Posts on FB

Change type font for status you can do either using the application or not, gang. But don't worry, Jaka will tell you all the ways!

How to Create Unique Facebook Fonts on PC

The first is how to create unique writing on PC. ApkVenue will give you how to make unique posts on FB without app, because you just need to follow the steps below!

  • Go to site www.fbfontchanger.com, then enter the post you want to make a status on Facebook.
  • When finished, press Convert. Select the type of writing you want. Block, then copy the writing.
  • Go to your Facebook, paste the post to your status. If it is already, share to your friends. Finished!

In addition to the sites that Jaka mentioned above, you can also open this one site. The method is the same as what Jaka mentioned above, how come the gang!

How to Create Unique Facebook Fonts on HP

For HP, you can use the same method as on PC, where you simply open the browser in WL, then apply the same method.

It's just that, for those of you who don't want to be complicated, there's an easier way, gang! You just need to install one of the following applications on the Play Store.

  • Go to Play Store, search for the app Cool Fancy Text Generator.
  • After that, open the app and enter the status you want post on FB.
  • When you have finished writing your status, you just have to choose which type of writing you want to share on social media. The trick, you just click on one of the types font, so font will be copied automatically.
  • Open Facebook, paste the post was in your status. Finished!

Apart from these applications, there are other applications that you can use. However, the application that ApkVenue has chosen for you is one of the best among the others. You can check in the table below!

InformationCool Fancy Text Generator
Rating (Number of Reviewers)4.6 (6.899)
Android Minimum4.0.3

Bonus: How to Create Unique Posts for Instagram

If you want to make a unique post for Instagram, you just need to do the same steps as above, really, gang!

If you have enough internal memory left, you can install the application. But if you are lazy to install a new application, you can just open it browser and open the site Lingojam.

How, it's really easy to make weird posts on Facebook. You just need to write down your status on the site or application that ApkVenue has recommended, then stay Copy and paste ok!

Now, your status will look even more attractive!

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