5 of the best Korean zombie films that are the most exciting and make you nervous!

Are you looking for the best thrilling Korean zombie movie references? Try watching the 5 newest Korean zombie movies that we recommend below!

Movies about zombies can indeed make us tense and nervous from the beginning to the end of the film. There is a spooky feel because of the scary zombie appearance, to thrilling because of the chase action; always makes the audience more curious.

Did you know, Korean zombie films are no less cool than romantic drama films? Movies about zombies produced by Korea are no less thrilling than Hollywood zombie movies.

Well, if you're currently looking for the best Korean zombie movie reference, try watching this latest Korean zombie movie recommendation from Jaka!

The Best Korean Zombie Movies You Must Watch

Like watching zombie movies in general, you will feel the tension when watching the cast survive in the midst of the zombie invasion. The following is 5 zombie-themed Korean movies what you must watch!

1. Train To Busan (2016)

This Korean zombie film begins with Seok Woo (Gong Yoo) who invites his son Soo An (Kim Su An) go to Busan by subway.

However, unexpectedly in the middle of the journey he must struggle to survive after most of the train passengers have become zombies. The situation gets even more complicated when the train can't stop because the whole country is infested with zombies.

Train to Busan touted as the best Korean zombie film because of the unusual storyline that makes this film have a different side from other zombie films.

DirectorSang-ho Yeon
CastGong Yoo, Jung Yu-mi, Ma Dong-seok, Choi Woo-sik
GenreAction, Horror, Thriller
Rating7.5/10 (IMDb)

2. Kingdom (2019)

Unlike Train to Busan which aired in theaters, Kingdom actually not a feature film, but a series that aired on Netflix. This series tells the story of zombies in the Joseon Dynasty.

Even though it takes zombie characters as enemies that scare the audience, this series also brings a quite unique fantasy theme. There were many ancient kingdoms that faced many unique problems ranging from royal families to major wars.

This zombie film from Korea tells the story of the crown prince named Lee Chang who was accused of treason after the king was sick. The king himself had contracted a deadly endemic disease and turned into a zombie during the treatment process. Until it becomes an epidemic.

The zombie outbreak that appears is also used for political purposes by the family Cho, traitor to the kingdom. If you are interested in historical fiction films wrapped in horror dramas about zombies, this Kingdom film is quite interesting to follow.

DirectorSeong-hun Kim, In-je Park
CastJi-hoon Ju, Doona Bae, Kim Sungkyu, Hye-jun Kim, Suk-ho Jun
GenreAction, Drama, Horror
Rating8.3/10 (IMDb)

3. Zombie School (2014)

This Korean zombie film is inspired by real events in South Korea in 2010 about a farm animal virus. Starting from a pig infected with a virus and then biting a school teacher to become a zombie. Then, the zombie outbreak spread throughout the school.

Although the zombie story is a mere fiction, but who would have thought if this film was lifted from a true story. At that time, thousands of farm animals contracted a strange plague. Because it is based on a true story, a Korean zombie film entitled Zombie School It's also very exciting and fun to watch.

DirectorKim Seok-Jung
CastEun-Seol Ha, Min Ji, Kyeong-ryong Kim
GenreHorror, Thriller
Rating5.1/10 (IMDb)

4. Mad Sad Bad (2014)

This Korean zombie film has several separate parts of the story. This film contains three parts of the story, namely Ghost, I Saw You, and Picnic.

In the Ghost section, the story is based on a true story where there was a murder of a student in Sinchon. In the I Saw You section, this time the story is set in a future where zombies live with humans. However, the zombie's position here is as a slave.

While in the last part, Picnic, it tells the story of a little girl named Soo Min who lives with his mother and autistic brother. Annoyed, one day he went to the forest alone. However, when he got there, he was faced with terrible things.

As the title suggests, the movie Mad Sad Bad You must watch this because of the unique storyline. Guaranteed you will feel tense, touched, and funny while watching this film.

DirectorHong Young-geun, Jang Yun-jeong
CastBae Ji-hun, Bae Yong-geun, Ha Eun-jung
GenreComedy, Horror
Rating6.0/10 (IMDb)

5. The Neighbor Zombie (2010)

The Neighbor Zombie tells the story of a zombie outbreak caused by a virus. Worried that the epidemic will spread, the government finally decided to kill everyone who was exposed to the virus.

In other films, zombies are usually allowed to roam freely, but this is different from the zombies in this film. Communities affected by the zombie virus must be exterminated by the government. Even more so if the zombies are their own family. Sad, isn't it?

In addition, the nuances of comedy presented in this film also provide a funny and funny atmosphere in the midst of the tension of dealing with zombies. You must watch The Neighbor Zombie movie because of its unique and funny storyline.

DirectorHong Young-geun, Jang Yun-jeong
CastBae Ji-hun, Bae Yong-geun, Ha Eun-jung
GenreComedy, Horror
Rating5.0/10 (IMDb)

Well, those are the five best and newest Korean zombie movies that you must watch. Which films have you watched? The Korean zombie films above will certainly make you tense and nervous throughout the film.

Of the five films above, which one is your favourite? Write your comments in the comments column, yes!

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