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5 ways to fix WhatsApp notifications not showing up on Android

WA notification not showing on screen? Do not worry! First identify the cause, then determine the right way. Come on, see the explanation here!

Have you ever experienced a WA notification not showing up? Take it easy, actually these problems can be solved easily, so you don't need to uninstall the application.

Although sometimes problematic, WhatsApp (WA) is still the chat application with the most users today. Only with internet capital, you can exchange messages with anyone and anywhere.

Almost everyone has used WhatsApp as a means of communication. Chat features, voice calls, and video calls are able to replace the role of SMS and regular telephones that use pulses.

Therefore, if the notification pop up WA is not available, then the user will be bothered. Well, the causes and how to overcome WhatsApp notification not showing on OPPO, Xiaomi, Samsung, and other Android phones you can see below.

1. HP Not Connected to the Internet

The first cause of WA notifications not appearing seems trivial but often happens, namely the cellphone is not connected to the internet. In order to use WhatsApp to its full potential, your cellphone must have a good internet connection.

When not connected to a stable internet, WhatsApp will find it difficult to receive and send messages, and display notifications.

The simplest way to check the internet connection on your smartphone is to open a website in a browser application.

If the website does not open, it means your internet connection is having problems. Try to follow how to fix internet connection or look for WiFi signal around you.

2. HP notifications are turned off

In addition to the above, you can try checking the notification settings on your cellphone first. It's possible that the WhatsApp notification feature is turned off or on.mute.

In addition, on today's Android phones there are also features Do Not Disturb (DND) so that no notifications come in.

The DND feature is very useful if you are playing games or watching videos on your cellphone and don't want to be disturbed by incoming notifications.

You can find this feature in notification bar when you drag down your smartphone screen. Maybe you accidentally activated DND so that WA notifications didn't come in. To check it, you can do the following.

  1. Swipe downwards on the main screen of your smartphone until it appears notification bar.

  2. Make sure you disable the DND feature on notification bar. If the WA notification doesn't sound, turn off the mode too Silent.

3. WhatsApp Not Running in Background

Even though your cellphone is not being played, the applications that are on the cellphone still work on the phone background or background.

But, the apps that keep running on background often makes HP batteries wasteful. The battery saver feature sometimes kills the app.

In fact, WhatsApp is an application that must continue to run on Android background. This is because WhatsApp requires a signal to receive and send messages directly real-time.

May be Your cellphone turns off WA access to save battery, so the WA notification does not appear. Well, you can set what applications can run on the Internet background in the following way.

  1. open Settings, then select an option Manage Apps to set application settings.

  2. Search and select apps WhatsApp on the application list.

  1. Click on Notifications, then activate the option Show notifications to display WA notifications on your cellphone.
  1. Back again on the WhatsApp settings menu, then select Other permissions. Check the options Start in background checked so that WhatsApp continues to work even if the cellphone is not in use.

4. WhatsApp on the cellphone is connected to WhatsApp Web

One of the most frequently used advantages of WhatsApp is its ability to be synced with a PC or laptop.

The WhatsApp Web feature is very useful for those of you who are working on a PC or laptop. The reason is, you don't need to hold your cellphone to read or reply to WhatsApp chats.

When activating the WhatsApp Web service, the notification that originally appeared on the cellphone will move to the desktop. This could be the reason why WA notifications don't appear on your cellphone.

To overcome this, you need log out from all the computers you use to access WhatsApp Web. Here is the tutorial.

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your cellphone, then select Menu (symbol in the form of 3 vertical dots) in the upper right corner. Then, select WhatsApp Web to enter settings.

  2. You can see what desktops have accessed your WhatsApp Web. Then, select Log out from all devices.

5. Changed App Preferences

WA notifications don't appear, not just because of connectivity problems, you know. You also need to consider setting WhatsApp preferences on your cellphone.

All applications thatinstall on Android phones have preferences that contain access requests and specific settings regarding the application. If the preference settings do not match, then the application will not function normally.

One way to fix this is to restore preferences to settings default or early. Here's how you should do it.

  1. Open menu Settings on HP, then select the option Manage Apps to set the application preference settings you want.

  2. After entering the Manage Apps page, click on the button Menu 3 vertical dots. Then, select Reset app preferences to return the preferences to their original settings.

That's how to solve WA notifications not showing up. In general, the problem lies in the internet connection and WhatsApp settings on the cellphone. With just a few short steps, you can handle it according to the source of the problem.

But, if the problem continues, you can try using a chat application other than WhatsApp which is guaranteed to be no less good. The features are also complete, so that it meets your communication needs online.

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