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7 best song guessing games for android phones

Put your musical knowledge to the test with the guessing game below.

I can't imagine what this world would be like without music. Yes, listening to the song is indeed fun, especially if the song is your favorite song.

For those of you who really like listening to songs, dare to test your musical knowledge?

If so, test your knowledge and insight with the song guessing game that ApkVenue has chosen below.

A collection of the best song guessing games for Android phones

There are many guessing games that you can download on the Google PlayStore. Starting from Indonesian songs, western songs to Korean songs.

Want to know which song guessing game is the best for your Android phone? Here Jaka has summarized the 7 best song guessing games for Android phones.

1. Guess the Song Game

Well, this one song guessing game is especially for you fans Indonesian popular songs.

In this game, you will be played a fragment of an Indonesian song and as long as the song is playing, you must immediately choose the title of the song from the song being played.

There are four options, one of which is the correct choice. When your guess is correct, you will automatically be played the next song and guess the correct song title again.

For every correct guess, you will get 5 points. The time you need to guess the correct song title is 3 minutes.

During playing, there are 3 aids that you can use, namely pass, 50:50, and replay.

RatingRated for 4+
Game Size25 MB
Minimum Android4.0 and up

2. Song Pop 2

Next, there is Song Pop 2. This game is too bad if you miss it. This game is suitable for those of you who want to test your knowledge of songs or music from abroad.

Interestingly, in this game you can also compete with friends and other people. In addition, there is also a place for you to practice guessing songs by competing against the computer.

Want to try this game? Guaranteed addiction!

RatingRated for 4+
Game Size63MB
Minimum Android4.1 and up

3. Guess the Song Quiz 2018

In game claim TLA Quiz n Button Here you can guess western songs starting from RihannaTaylor SwiftOne DirectionCamilla Cabello, and much more.

Besides you can increase your musical knowledge, this game also helps you to memorize the lyrics of your favorite songs.

You can also play this game with friends and family.

RatingRated for 4+
Game Size17 MB
Minimum Android4.1 and up

4. Guess the song free music quiz

This game provides a variety of songs from famous artists and bands.

There are 4 modes available in this game, namely select the title of the song, guess the title of the song, choose the name of the artist or band that is written correctly, and guess the artist.

If you are a quiz game lover, Jaka guarantees you can play this game for hours.

RatingRated for 4+
Game Size28 MB
Minimum Android4.2 and up

5. Guess the Indonesian Song

True to its name, game Guess the Indonesian Song is a song guessing game that specifically presents questions about Indonesian songs only.

The minus of this game is that it looks very simple. This game presents more than 300 Indonesian pop songs.

In this quiz game, you will be assisted by two help options namely pass and 50:50 and one additional chance.

So you can only be wrong twice. If it's more than that, your game must be over and you have to start all over again.

RatingRated for 4
Game Size35 MB
Minimum Android2.3.3 and up

6. Guess Dangdut Songs

This song guessing game is suitable for you dangdut music fans. Games by Loteam Dev it presents many dangdut songs ranging from old school to contemporary.

How to play is quite easy. You only need to listen to the song that is playing until it stops and then answer by continuing the last lyric of the song.

In this game you are only given 3 chances. If you don't know the song, there are several help options you can use.

Game Size32 MB
Minimum Android2.3 and up

7. Guess Popular Songs

Finally there is a game made Marshmell Studio. In this game you will be given 2 minutes 30 seconds to guess the title of the song being played.

If you are confused, there will be 3 tools, namely 50:50, skip, and timer.

For 50:50 you can only use it in one question. And, the timer can only be used in 1 game.

Come on, download and invite your friends to help answer! Because the more people play, the easier it will be to guess!

RatingRated for 3+
Game Size18 MB
Minimum Android4.0.3 and up

Those are the 7 best games that you can play on an Android phone. Have a nice play!

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