Tempered glass doesn't fully protect the cellphone, is it still important to buy a screen protector?

Actually, how important is it to install a screen protector on a cellphone? Here, Jaka gives an explanation. Come on!

The first thing that Android users usually do when they just finish buying a smartphone is to buy additional equipment, one of which is screen protector. screen protector is believed to be a solution to protect the main screen of the smartphone so that it is not easily broken or scratched.

Not only that, the screen protector is also considered to be able to protect the smartphone screen from dust and sand and other small particles which can damage smartphone screen and reduce the beauty of the smartphone display that you just bought. However, how important is it the screen protector? How much influence does a screen protector actually have on your smartphone screen protection? Well, before you buy a screen protector, you should first read Jaka's explanation.

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Tempered Glass Doesn't Fully Protect HP, Is It Still Important to Buy a Screen Protector?

1. Do you need a screen protector?

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Before buying a screen protector, the first thing you must consider is how much do you need to buy a screen protector? Just a reminder, if the smartphone you buy is equipped with a screen type Gorilla Glass or Dragontrail, from a physical point of view, it is very hard and resistant to scratches. But that doesn't mean you don't need a screen protector.

If you really have more money, buy a screen protector as a additional protection be a good choice. But make sure you buy a screen protector quality, not the cheap ones.

2. Plastic VS Tempered Glass Screen Protector

In choosing a screen protector, you will often encounter two types screen protector is a screen protector made of plastic and tempered glass. You can generally get plastic screen protectors at various stores at low prices and you can simply attach them to your smartphone screen.

Surely most people would be attracted to this breed because much cheaper price factor and is considered to have the same benefits as the type of tempered glass.

Well, herein lies your mistake. The plastic screen protector totally different in terms of quality with tempered glass. The plastic screen protector is obviously much thinner and easily bends at the edges when exposed to the sun often, while the tempered glass much thicker and able to protect your smartphone screen from the risk of cracks when the smartphone falls.

3. What Exactly is Tempered Glass?

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Screen protector type tempered glass is a smartphone screen protector made of reinforced glass. This glass strengthening process is carried out by heating glass that and shaped like a sheet of paper, then immediately cooled immediately to produce a very strong thin sheet of glass.

The advantage of tempered glass itself is its shape will not change when exposed to sunlight and the degree of density. Besides, tempered glass is also far away easier when released, while plastic type screen protectors will generally leave a mark on the screen when released.


4. Can Tempered Glass Bend?

When you hold the tempered glass sheet that you bought, maybe some of you will think that this tempered glass is will bend when pressed hard. The answer is of course you can, but of course when compared to plastic, tempered glass able to withstand pressure larger than plastic.

As in the following video, a number of people tested the flexibility of tempered glass and indeed to make this tempered glass bend, extra energy needed.

5. What Does 9H Hardness Mean On Tempered Glass Labels?

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When you buy tempered glass to use on your smartphone, of course you will often see the words 9H Hardness on the tempered glass packaging label. The question is, what is the meaning of this 9H Hardness article?

9H Hardness is Mohs . hardness test measure. This 9H Hardness article refers to 9H pensil pencil (the strongest and hardest pencil) which is used to test the resistance of a tempered glass by scratch the surface the tempered glass. If later the tempered glass tested with a 9H pencil does not experience scratches, then the tempered glass will be labeled 9H Hardness.

Besides 9H Hardness, there is also writing Military Grade Protection which will make you think that the tempered glass you bought is very hard, when in fact that sentence is just marketing language mere.

6. Tempered Glass Doesn't Completely Protect Smartphones

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Although tempered glass is considered an excellent choice for protecting your smartphone screen, it is actually tempered glass not fully protect smartphone screen because it's basically tempered glass only cover the top screen.

If your smartphone falls with the condition the corner of the smartphone hits the ground first, most likely both the screen and the tempered glass that you are using will crack right away together at the corners.

Those were some things you should know before buying a screen protector. Hope it is useful! Jaka's advice, make sure you buy a screen protector that made of tempered glass. Although more expensive, but tempered glass has much better quality compared to plastic and of course can protect your smartphone from bumps and cracks.

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