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7 of the best Korean anime for you to watch, plastic oppas scattered around?

Tired of Japanese anime? This time Jaka will give you some recommendations for the best Korean anime that you should watch!

When you hear the name of South Korea, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? What appears is definitely a Korean drama, boyband/girlband, or a handsome and beautiful artist.

Korea is famous for these things. However, did you know that they have also made anime like Japan?

Instead of being curious, Jaka will give you some recommendations best korean anime a must for you to watch!

Best Korean Anime

Term anime indeed identical to the animated film from Japan. Even so, many other countries do not want to lose in producing animated films, including South Korea.

Anime or animation originating from Korea has its own characteristics, although some are drawn following the Japanese style.

Without further ado, here it is best korean anime of all time!

1. Wonderful Days

Photo source: YouTube

The first Korean anime that ApkVenue will recommend to you is Wonderful Days. This anime is set in the year 2142.

In that year, Earth was destroyed because of pollution that was more severe than Jakarta. In order to solve this problem, a new city was built named Ecoban.

The city will be equipped with a DELOS system capable of converting pollution into energy.

It's just that people are milking lower-class workers to collect carbonite to fuel the system.

One of the workers here is Shua, a young man who is in a dilemma of having to choose between two people, his childhood friend or the high-ranking security guard of the city of Ecoban.

Rating7.09 (13.704)
Number of Episodes1
Release DateJuly 17, 2003
StudioEndgame Productions Inc.
GenreAction, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Duration1 hour 23 minutes

2. Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox (Cheonnyeon-yeowoo Yeowoobi)

Photo source: The Movie Database

The nine tailed fox demon is one of the most famous mythologies in East Asia. Naruto is one of the anime that uses this mythology.

Well, if in anime Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox this one is a little unique because the demon fox has five tails!

Yobi, the fox demon, transforms into a human because he wants to protect aliens stranded on Earth and get rejected by other aliens.

He ends up in a children's school and falls in love with the human world. Yobi tries to live a beautiful life as a human, even though there is a high price to pay.

Rating7.36 (5.014)
Number of Episodes1
Release DateJanuary 25, 2007
StudioSunwoo Entertainment
GenreSci-Fi, Drama, Fantasy
Duration1 hour 25 minutes

3. Aachi and Ssipak (Aachi wa Ssipak)

Photo source: The Dissolve

Looking for Korean anime aimed at adults? Try watching anime Aachi and Ssipak this one.

This anime takes the background of a futuristic world where energy comes from human waste.

Everyone who produces dirt will be given a popsicle named Juicybar which is addictive.

In fact, the ice causes stomach constipation so that it interferes with the digestive system. One of the sellers Juicybar are Aachi and Ssipak.

They survive by selling Juicybar on the black market. Through it, they were able to meet an adult actress named Beautiful whose expression is invaluable.

As a result, Beautiful was targeted by the police and a group of aggressive mutants.

Rating6.74 (3.648)
Number of Episodes1
Release DateJune 28, 2006
StudioJTeam Studios
GenreAction, Comedy
Duration1 hour 28 minutes

Other Korean Anime . . .

4. The King of the Pigs (Dwae Ji Ui Wang)

Photo source: Hollywood Reporter

After his business failed, Kyung-min killed his wife out of frustration. After that, he contacted his old high school friend named Jong-suk.

Jong-suk himself is a ghostwriter who tell other people's stories. He has a dream to write his own story someday.

They both keep each other's secrets of life and reminisce about their old school days, where they were oftenbully and is called a pig.

Fortunately at that time, there was Kim Chul the so-called Pig King defended them. Unfortunately, in the present, something terrible has happened to Kim Chul.

Kyung-min and Jong-suk decide to crack the case to find out the truth.

Rating6.94 (1.569)
Number of Episodes1
Release DateNovember 3, 2011
StudioDadashow Studio
GenreDrama, Psychological, Seinen, Thriller
Duration1 hour 36 minutes

5. Ocean

Photo source: The Mad Movie Man

Next there is anime Ocean which received a positive response in South Korea and France. Anime movie It has a fairly short duration, which is 1 hour 17 minutes.

The story of this anime centers on two orphans named Gami and Gilson. They both find a new home in a Mahayana Buddhist temple.

In order to earn money for their daily life, the two of them often help around the temple.

During these times, they try to accept the fact that their parents have passed away. In fact, Gilson still harbors hope to see them again.

Rating7.31 (1.486)
Number of Episodes1
Release DateMay 1, 2003
GenreAdventure, Drama
Duration1 hour 17 minutes

6. Seoul Station (Seoul-yeok)

Photo source: The Anime

Have you watched the movie? thriller Korea Train to Busan? If you have, try watching the prequel in the form of an animation entitled Seoul Station this.

story, Hye-sun want to escape from the life of the nightlife. His father also tried to mend their tenuous relationship.

To be able to achieve this goal, a zombie outbreak appears around Seoul station. They must be able to survive the zombie attacks so that their goals can be achieved.

Rating5.92 (1.385)
Number of Episodes1
Release DateAugust 18, 2016
StudioDadashow Studio
GenreHorror, Thriller
Duration1 hour 32 minutes

7. Closers: Side Blacklambs

Photo source: Nothing But Geek

The last anime that ApkVenue will recommend for you is Closers: Side Blacklambs whose style of depiction is very similar to that of Japanese anime.

The story is, the city of Seoul was rebuilt after humans defeated dimensional monsters. However, suddenly a mysterious dimensional gate opens and releases monsters all over the world.

The opening of the gate makes some humans get extraordinary psychic powers.

They also gathered to fight these monsters and managed to win. However, that was not the end of the war against these dimensional monsters.

This anime also has a game version released in 2014 you know, gang. In fact, it was famous in Indonesia at that time. Surely you also want to watch the anime version, right?

Rating6.82 (1.134)
Number of Episodes12
Release DateDecember 23, 2016
StudioAnimal Studio
GenreGames, Fantasy
Duration11 minutes

Most anime from Korea are in the form of movie here, gang. Maybe, the reason is because people there prefer to watch Korean dramas.

What is clear is that there are no handsome oppas, both real and because of surgery, in these anime.

But as a distraction, these anime are worth watching in your spare time. Which one do you want to watch first? Write in the comments column, yes!

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