how to solve windows 10 search not working

Are you a Windows 10 user? Sooner or later there will be times when your Windows search feature doesn't work. Well, to overcome this, read the following tips.

Not long ago released the final version to the public, Windows 10 immediately faced with various kinds of comments. Starting from the Pros to the Cons. Most of those who commented well were because of his return Start Menu typical Windows and give it a fresh new look.

Meanwhile, for those who don't like Windows 10 mostly because there are still many unresolved bugs, many Windows 10 users think that Microsoft too hasty in releasing Windows 10.

Windows 10 Search Feature Not Working

One of the features that you may encounter is the search feature is not working. Whether you realize it or not what you have done, suddenly the search feature in Windows 10 doesn't work as it should.

How to Fix Windows 10 Search Not Working

  1. Open it and run Run on Windows. To do this, press the Win key + R and type "services.msc"(without quotes).

  2. Then, it will open all the services that are running in your Windows background. search "Windows Search" then click "Properties".

  3. If so, in the "Startup Type", change "Disabled" Becomes "Automatic (Delayed Start)", then click Apply.

  4. After that, in the Service satus, click button "Start" so that the search service runs again, then press OK to close the Window.

  5. And now you are trying to find something again using the search feature in your Windows 10. The feature should now be running normally.

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How? Pretty easy, right? Now you can easily search for any application or document you want to find quickly. To prevent this problem from coming back, don't forget to keep updating your Windows 10.

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