5 ways to modify android to be cool without root

How to modify Android without root? It turns out that there is a unique way that can be done to make your Android cooler. Check out the reviews!

There are many ways that can be done to modify the appearance of Android to be cooler. In general, how to change the appearance is done if the smartphone is rooted.

But it turns out that there are several unique ways that can be done to make your Android cooler without the need to root.

What are some easy ways to modify Android without root? Here's the full review.

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5 Ways to Modify Android Without Root

1. Changing the Appearance of the Navigation Bar

If your smartphone has navigation buttons on the screen, you can change the appearance of these buttons without root in the following way.

Using an application called the Navbar App, the navigation bar display can be changed to be more colorful and certainly will not make you bored.

You can read the complete guide here:


2. Changing Status Bar Appearance

Not only the appearance of the Navigation Bar that can be changed, the status bar on Android can also be changed with the following applications. Named Status, this application made by James Fenn can change icons, colors, notifications, clocks, and much more.

Download the app here: Status

3. Make Fullscreen View

If you do not want a status bar on the application you are currently open. Looks like you can try an app called FulscrnThis GuiPing He application can make your Android look fullscreen. Fulscrn will hide Status Bar and Navigation bar easily and quickly.

Download the app here: Fulscrn

4. Changing Fonts on Android

Tired of the look of writing like that? Just change your writing in the following way. There are two Android apps that are suitable for changing fonts on Android without the need for root, such as GO Launcher EX and HiFont.

You can read the complete guide in the article below:


5. Adding Battery Bar

If you want to have a different battery display from the others, you can use the following application called Energy Bar. With this application, the battery display becomes longer and is in the status bar.

Download the app here: Energy Bar

Those are some easy ways to modify the look of Android to be cooler without the need to root. If you have another way, don't forget share in the comments column.

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