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3 ways to make barcodes on pc and android 2019

Here's how to easily create barcodes on PC and Android, complete with illustrated guides. Check out the full way!

Want to create a barcode for your belongings but don't know how?

Barcode is a vertical pattern commonly used as a product code in supermarkets to public transportation tickets.

If you are in the business of buying and selling goods and want to find a way to make barcodes, Jaka has prepared 3 ways to create barcodes on PC and Android.

Let's see more!

How to Create Barcodes on PC and Android

Barcodes on goods are usually already connected to a computer. This barcode contains the item code, quantity, to the price of the item.

So, if you have a business of buying and selling goods on a large scale, then it is suitable to use barcodes to easily identify the items you want to buy.

How to make it quite easy really. See below, yes.

1. How to Create a Barcode Using CorelDRAW

The first way to create a barcode is to CorelDRAW application. CorelDRAW is an image editing application that also provides features for creating barcodes.

Click here to download the application: CorelDraw 2018

This method can be used by beginners or professionals. Here's how to create a barcode with CorelDraw:

  • Open CorelDRAW and create a new document with the paper format you need.
  • Click object in the upper left corner of the screen, select Insert Barcode.
  • Select Barcode type, Apk uses type UPC(A). Then enter your barcode number. Then click Next.
  • You can set the barcode format such as the resolution to the barcode size, click next to proceed to the page format writing on the barcode. Then click Finish.
  • The barcode result will be displayed, you can save it by converting to pdf format or you can print it directly.

2. How to Create a Barcode Through a Website on a PC

You can do this method through the website, guys. So there is no need to download applications or software first.

One of the websites that you can use to create barcodes is Tec-It.

This website provides a free barcode creation service with various types, ranging from Linear Code, ISBN Code, to QR Code.

How to make a barcode with Tec-It can be seen below:

  • Go to the Tec-It website via this link.
  • Select the type of Barcode you want to use through the options on the left of the screen as shown below. For example, Jaka uses the ISBN Barcode type.
  • Fill in the barcode number that you have made in the column Data, then click Refresh to me-regenerate barcodes.
  • You can set the barcode results through settings which is at the top right of the barcode column. You can change the image resolution, image format, and barcode color. Click Close when finished in settings.
  • Click Download to download the barcode image to your PC.

2. How to Create Barcodes with Apps on Android

The next way is to use an application on Android. Jaka uses the application Barcode Generator because it has a fairly complete barcode creation option.

Barcode Generator is a free application that provides services for creating various types of barcodes from Codabar to Data Matrix.

You can download the Barcode Generator application here.

Here's how to create a barcode on Android in full:

  • Open the Barcode Generator APP on your cellphone, then click create barcode which is in the lower right corner.
  • Click Add Code and the barcode type option will appear on the next page. Then select barcode type what you need. Jaka uses barcode type Codabar.
  • Fill in all the required information such as code number, description and label. Then click the check mark in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you choose another barcode type, make sure all your information is complete, OK?.
  • You will be given preview barcode and all the information you fill in. Then click save sign in the top right of the screen. You can set the file name to the size of the file. Click Export time to save the barcode to your cellphone.

That's how to make barcodes of any type easily via PC or Android.

Which method have you tried guys? Write your opinion about the method above through the comments column.

See you in the next tips!

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