how to make iron man jarvis on your android smartphone

How does it feel to have a personal assistant like JARVIS? Well, ApkVenue will provide tips to make your Android even cooler with JARVIS!

JARVIS is a personal assistant serving Tony Stark in the movie Iron Man. JARVIS is not a human, but AI or Artificial Intelligence who will carry out Iron Man's orders. How does it feel to have a personal assistant like JARVIS? Come on! Because Jaka will give tips for Making IRON MAN-style JARVIS on Your Android Smartphone

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If previously Jaka had given tips for making JARVIS on the computer, this time your Android will be even cooler with JARVIS.

Install a Personal Assistant Like JARVIS on Your Android

Even though it's actually available on Android Google Now, but there are still many limitations. You can use the other personal assistant options that Jaka provides below.

1. Jarvis - My Personal Assistant

This application is a personal assistant that will respond to your commands. As the name implies, this application will act like JARVIS in the Iron Man movie. He will respond to your orders, and display the information you need. Cool, right?

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By installing Jarvis, you will be able to give orders to Jarvis with voice commands like Iron Man. You can play music, have Jarvis check the weather, ask the way, open apps, and more. No need to be complicated, not manually application anymore! You just have to speak to Jarvis in English.

Not only carrying out orders, Jarvis will also provide the information you need. Like notifications when the battery is full, there are incoming SMS, there are calls, and more. Don't forget, you can also chat with Jarvis. He can answer any question you ask, if he can't answer it, he will learn it right away.

Even cooler, Jarvis can be used in Android Wear perangkat that you have. Cool, right? Let's try Jarvis - My Personal Assistant on your Android!

2. Zandra - Make Your Jarvis

Pretty much the same as Jarvis, Zandra is also a personal assistant that will serve your orders in using Android. You could say Zandra is the female version of Jarvis, so it's suitable for you guys.

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Oh yeah, not just responding to ordinary commands, you can teach Zandra to respond to more than 40 of your special commands! And you can train Zandra in other languages, not just English. You can tell Zandra to play music, open applications, open certain web pages, make calls, and many other commands.

So, how about you choose Jarvis or Zandra? Jaka personally prefers to use Zandra, because Jaka can give special orders without having to open other applications and switch views.

Do you have any other personal assistant options that you usually use? Can you share it with Jaka in the comments column.

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