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50+ latest Eid 1441 h images & wallpapers 2020

Are you looking for the latest Eid pictures to send to your relatives? Here's a collection of Eid 1441 H wallpapers to share on social media.

To welcome Eid Al-Fitr 2020, you will definitely receive Eid greetings more often from those closest to you. But besides greetings, you can also send Eid wallpapers.

Eid pictures will look more interesting than just sending the greeting, gang. Apart from that, you can also edit it and add your own words.

If you want Eid pictures to be sent to the closest people or to be uploaded on social media, here Jaka has prepared a collection latest Eid pictures. Share, come on!

Eid Wallpapers

To wish Happy Eid online, you can send a picture of Eid. You can also use it as a cellphone wallpaper or to upload it on social media.

For those of you who want to send Eid wallpapersHere, Jaka has prepared a collection of the latest Eid wallpapers that you can save and send, gang.

1. Eid Al-Fitr Wallpaper HD

Want HD quality wallpapers that are not blurry and hurt your eyes when you see them? If so, you can send the following Lebaran HD wallpapers.

In addition to high resolution, Eid pictures the following are also very interesting to be used as cool WhatsApp statuses. Just save it all, gang!

1. The ketupat animation makes the Eid atmosphere even more pronounced.

2. The color combination is beautiful, isn't it?

3. Very elegant, gang!

4. Complete with prayer.

5. Cool, here!

6. Suitable for sending in family groups.

7. Edit a little plus the family name. Cool!

8. Design an attractive Eid image.

9. This one is cute too, gang!

10. Simple but interesting.

11. Suitable for Eid greeting cards.

12. The color is pretty, right?

13. The blue image of Eid is also good.

14. Can be shared on WhatsApp Status.

15. Perfect for IG instastory, gang!

16. Love flashy colors?

17. The image of the ketupat Lebaran is also good.

18. The design and pictures are attractive.

19. The color is also no less cool.

20. This one is good too, gang!

2. Cute Eid Wallpapers

Besides Eid wallpapers HD, Jaka has also prepared a collection of cute images on the Eid theme with adorable animations. The picture can also entertain anyone who sees it.

1. Make those who see more happy!

2. If this one makes you excited, gang!

3. Lovely!

4. I'm sorry, all of you love the ketupat Lebaran via online.

5. This Eid picture is interesting, right?

6. Suitable for Eid wallpapers on cellphones.

7. Eid with family is really beautiful!

8. Beautiful, right, gang?

9. Eid does make you happy!

10. Eid pictures with cute cartoons.

11. Be careful, gang!

12. Eid with a halal partner is the best!

13. It's okay, the important thing is Eid.

14. Very compact, here!

15. Sharing is caring...

16. Perfect for uploading on Facebook!

17. Happy family!

18. Eid with loved ones.

19. Upload on WhatsApp Status is cool too.

20. Socialite mothers, here!

3. Plain Eid Wallpapers

If you want to make your own Eid wallpaper, you can use plain Eid pictures, gang. You also simply add your cool words to make it more interesting.

1. Add your own Eid greetings.

2. The sheen is gorgeous!

3. Images of mosques and diamonds are identical to Eid.

4. The moon and the mosque make a beautiful combination.

5. Beautiful silhouettes!

6. The color is very muted. Cool!

7. This is no less beautiful, gang!

8. Being a lock screen wallpaper is also suitable, right?

9. The color combination is beautiful, right?

10. The feel of Islam really feels!

4. English Eid Wallpapers

In addition to Indonesian, Jaka has also prepared latest Eid pictures with the addition of English captions containing congratulations and prayers for Muslims, gang.

1. Eid should also pray for each other.

2. This is really cool, really!

3. Image of Eid al-Fitr watercolor version. Great!

4. Don't forget to send it to a friend, OK!

5. If you can edit this one again, gang!

6. It's so elegant!

7. Simple but still cool.

8. Create a cheerful atmosphere!

9. The animation is no less cool!

10. Bright blue is always charming!

That was a group Eid wallpapers which you can save and share with those closest to you, or you can also upload it on social media, gang.

By sending an Eid image, the recipient will definitely feel happier, especially when seeing the image sent turns out to be your own edit.

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