You can play these 7 HD games smoothly on a 512MB RAM PC

These HD games also support high gameplay and graphics, so it's impossible for you to play HD games with low Spec PCs, such as 512 MB RAM.

HD games are usually synonymous with impressive graphic quality gamers while playing it. Many of today's scattered HD games require PC with high specs to be able to play it. Because these HD games also support high gameplay and graphics, it's impossible for you to play HD games with low Spec PCs, such as 512 MB RAM.

But you don't have to worry, because of many heavy HD games there are still HD games that are light to play. How can it not be easy to try, these light HD games can be played with only 512 MB of RAM. Do you believe? Following 7 HD PC games that can be played with 512MB RAM just.

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These 7 HD PC Games You Can Play Smoothly on a 512MB RAM PC

1. GTA: San Andreas

Photo source: Video: ThirstyHyena

GTA: San Andreas is open world games which tells of Carl Johnson as the main character. By playing as a gangster you will adventure with your friends such as Big Smoke, Ryder, and others to seek the pleasures of life. With 3D and HD graphics and a very wide map, the game released in 2005 is perfect for those of you who have mediocre specs.

GTA: San Andreas itself only requires 256MB of RAM for you to play smoothly.

2. Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Photo source: Video: Reiji

Compete in the thrilling wild race arena, you will challenge all the thrilling wild racers. In this game that was released in 2005, you can play it smoothly even though you only have 256MB RAM just lol. So, are you interested in playing it?

3. Devil May Cry 3

Photo source: Video: Fry

Survive in the world of hack and slash, you will be challenged to become the main character Dante of this game. In this one game, you will fight against hundreds of monsters fierce and ready to challenge your skills. If not alert, "you must die". With HD graphics, this game only requires an operating system with 256 MB of RAM.

4. Dynasty Warriors 6

Photo source: Video: Rockman9x

Although it is almost similar in terms of gameplay to Devil May Cry, this Dynasty Warrior game will present storyline different. Still carrying the genre hack and slash This one game will challenge you to survive in ancient China khas which is interesting. Moreover, this game is more interesting with a light recommendation system, namely 512 MB RAM only for those of you who want to play it.

5. Counter Strike: Extreme

Photo source: Video: Devilterror

Who doesn't know CS: Extreme? One game has become the number 1 game for FPS. even though this game only asks for 512 MB of RAM for you to play it smoothly, this game won't disappoint. Do you believe? just look at the video above.

6. Need For Speed: Carbon

Photo source: Video: notReiji

Still from the Need For Speed ​​series, this time EA Sport presents the NFS: Carbon series which was released a step before Most Wanted. But, it's cool even though it presents graphics and storyline newer and freshEA only offers 512 MB for you to play smoothly.

7. [Lost Saga Gemscool


Photo source: Video: Daniel Wij

Lost Saga is a game published by Gemscool with the Casual genre. This game itself will take you to battle heroes who are very strong and cool. By carrying HD graphics and online games, maybe many of you think that this game is very hard to play.

But in fact this one game only requires 512 RAM and an HSDPA network to play.

Well, maybe that's it 7 HD PC games that can be played with 512MB RAM. Are you interested in play light HD games above? , don't forget to leave an opinion in the comments column yes!